Monday, April 6, 2015

Feather canyons everywhere

I've just come back from the most brilliant weekend away with my boyfriend and another beautiful friend. We went up to Mount Buller which is an alpine village east of Melbourne. We stayed in a little cosy apartment with very thorough heating and a comfortable corner couch with mountains of cushions not unlike the mountains that surrounded our warm little sphere. We arrived on Saturday evening and went for a brief foggy stroll before settling in to eat dinner (I cooked something, guys! A zucchini, ricotta and halloumi tart!) and to drink some pinot. We got very comfortable and laughed ridiculously and I was ridiculously relaxed - more relaxed than I've been in like potentially months to a year eeep.

On Sunday we slept late and went for a bush walk to the summit of the mountain. It was - for lack of a less meaningless word - breathtaking. In two ways - one because I was puffed out from walking up hills in altitude and two because it was so overwhelmingly beautiful. And clear, quite and still. And I was with two inexplicably bright, exciting people who are exceptional company. The last part of the walk was the best, it was much less busy and the views more expansive. I loved looking at the little native wildflowers and keeping my eyes peeled for wombat or echidnas (We were disappointed we didn't see any!) Despite that, it was just brilliant. I really had such a refreshing time.

That afternoon we relaxed and read and wrote and generally had some quite time. Towards the evening we put on a couple of episodes of The Jinx which is mind-blowing - subsequently addictive and equally disturbing. Then we roused ourselves enough to cook dinner together and pour a couple more glasses of the exceptional wine we invested in for the weekend. That night, we played a board game called Settlers of Catan, which, okay - looks pretty daggy. But it's so so addictive and is actually really fun! I lost - and was very disappointed given my relatively competitive side - however I have some strategies up my sleeve for the next time we play...

We reluctantly left for home this morning and on the way back stopped off at Tarrawarra Museum of Art to look at the exhibitions there and to break up the trip a bit. Now I'm sitting on my bed surrounded by a ridiculous amount of Easter eggs that I don't even feel like eating (?!) because I think I overindulged over the weekend. That's what long weekends are for, though, right? And I've never spent one in that way before. I feel so happy and relaxed and at ease right now, I'm hoping the feeling will last when I start back at work and in the real world tomorrow. While we only went away for two nights, I just feel amazing after having that brief distance from rushed everyday life and deadlines.

Before I went away we had a family dinner at my Nanna's place on Good Friday. Everyone was there, and I set up an easter egg hunt for my two little cousins. The excitement was palpable! My two little cousins also decorated the table so well, with name cards, easter egg necklaces and little quotes they'd looked up on the internet. Very cute. Before THAT, I had a busy week - but now that I'm in holiday mode I can't even remember what I did... so here are some pictures pre-Easter to post-Easter!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Any day now

Back to regular broadcasting now but not before I say that I truly appreciate every single response to my last post here. I was so overwhelmed with support and love from people far and wide, and it meant a lot to me. I will not be posting on the issue again, as I believe I've covered everything that needs to be said. If it comes up in my life again in the future, I'll just refer people on to that post.

I've had a massive week, and a massive week before (Oh, I've been slack with posting here) so this post has a lot of photos and a lot to catch up on...


I'm almost there with the content for my book. Almost. Well, I'm certainly closer than I've ever been before... I think I'll have all the work done by the 31st, which is so soon, and hopefully I'll be able to chill out over Easter. Like, I'll still have work to do in putting it together with the book designer, but all the drawings and writing will be done. Consequently I've been spending a lot of time in my studio,  working away, but also making sure to take time out. Funnily enough, I've worked out that the less time I give myself to work, the more work I get done. If I use every single day I have spare in the studio I take the time for granted and seem to work at a slower pace I guess. Hmpf. The baffling ways in which my productivity thrives. Needless to say the large majority of the photos above were taken in my studio (was I really doing that much work?) I had S over for dinner and set up a little table for two, it was very fun and made me consider a career in some sort of quaint 1960s Italian Restaurant set dressing. I cooked a rather strange stir fry which once again put my culinary skills to shame, it wasn't bad but you know, I just can never seem to cook up something amazing that people tell tales to their friends about!

At another point last week I also had dinner with my VCA friends which I enjoyed vastly. We hadn't all gotten together in a long time, and it was typically boisterous with everyone talking over the top of each other at volumes louder than necessary. They're great people, and it's always great when we all get together because you remember that there's a certain sacred bond between those who've been through art school together... My friend G turned up late with a box of half eaten pizza and it was brilliant.

Three Thousand which is like a Melbourne culture guide (culture guide? Is that what you call it?) asked me to review The Wizard of Oz synced with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, in 3D, at a private IMAX cinema screening (there were four of us in the cinema), and it was about as much fun as it sounded. If you've ever wondered about that conspiracy theory (like I had) you can read what I made of it here:

S cooked me an incredible, restaurant quality dinner on Saturday night before we went to Dr. Morse for a friend's birthday drinks. I supplied the wine. I had to go into the store and talk to the person and buy it and everything, phew. Anyway Dr. Morse was so packed out, I had never been there before and certainly did not expect the kind of crowd they pulled - especially for being so far from the CBD and even from Smith Street. We had a bit of dance and I stayed on the Pinot which made for what I like to call 'wine eyes' which happens when you drink too much wine and your eyes are all droopy and slow-blinking. Wine eyes can occasionally turn into 'wine body' which is much less appealing so luckily we got a taxi home before that occurred.

On Sunday night I went to the Romance Was Born 'Bush Magic' runway show as a part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. It completely blew me away. I had never seen a live runway show of theirs, so being privy to this spectacle (in the FRONT ROW no less guys!) really solidified the respect I have for Anna and Luke as designers. It was at the National Gallery of Victoria in the great hall there. The lighting was purple hued and a scent of eucalyptus was apparent as you walked in. Sounds of lyrebirds and kookaburras echoed off of the beautiful stained glass roof, and the runway was lined generously with paper cut outs of gum leaves and gum nuts. The models walked out of a ramshackle looking timber bush shack, flanked by ballet dancers in gum nut baby costumes and even more remarkable costumes of a koala, a cockatoo, a kookaburra and even a 'Big Bad Banksia Man'. The music was perfectly vague - xylophone versions of classic 'Aus Rock' songs - my favourite was 'I Am Woman' at the very beginning. I wrote on Instagram that Luke and Anna get it right every time, and that I am continuously blown away by the intricacy in their themes, that are always executed impeccably. At 12am last night I was still buzzing from it, at 10.48pm tonight I'm STILL buzzing from it! It was just beautiful, and an experience I will have with me for a long time. I really have never felt that way about a runway show before, I've seen a few, but they're always been so stark and lacking in heart and parading dry concepts (okay so I haven't seen too many high end runway shows but..) This was just amazing. I didn't want it to end.

Today I had a day at home and it was great. I went to Savers, got a Diana Ross record (might show you next time) and am well and truly ready for bed right now. Thank you, as always, for reading and responding on here and elsewhere (Instagram, Tumblr etc). It means the world to me. : )