Thursday, January 22, 2015

I only wanna keep you around

I had some visitors on Wednesday afternoon :)

I've been working in my studio every single day for over a week now. I'm really productive there, my large, light filled space lulls me into a rhythm of productivity (most of the time). I love it. I really love it. It's a pity that I have so much work to do at the moment, only in a sense that I haven't been able to be a bit less-productive and loiter around putting things in places and decorating a bit more and starting the task of painting my floor (I want to paint it red) and buying a disco ball (I want it to hang from a convenient chain that remained from the last tenant on the roof)...

I suppose I'll have these aimless hours sometime soon, hopefully. I felt like I still need a bit more time to acquaint myself with my new space, to get things *just so*. In the meantime, I'll continue to arrive, sit straight down at my desk - (or, well, I might put a record on first) and get to work. Mainly I'm working on illustrations for my book (I have a looming deadline that each day I feel surer and surer I'm going to miss...) and various other illustration projects. I'd love to get a canvas started, but I can't foresee having any time to do that until at least March.

January is literally flying by and I can hardly keep up. Someone asked me "how was your summer?" the other day and I double took and realised that in lots of ways we are at the tail end of it, I mean, I'm back into my routines, Autumn/Winter collections are dropping in stores... ha. Time, as usual, hurtles onwards and I'm left in clouds of dust that I futilely try to collect and preserve in vessels with holes in them. I can never just BE. I can never let time simply wash over me. I'm always trying to catch it and haul it up. I am aware that I always write about this. But, it's how I feel.

Hmm. Last weekend was a great one. My weekend actually started on Thursday night when I attended The Thousands x Appleton Rum party that I designed the invitation for. I hung out with B most of the evening, made a couple of new friends, too, and sipped on very sophisticated cocktails with garnishs of orchids. I had fun.

Photography by Brodie Lancaster

Friday night, G and I went to the Ladies of Leisure zine launch at M Pavilion. We arrived early in steamy weather and had a couple of drinks out of large plastic cups...

Photograph by Heather Lighton for The Thousands
On Saturday night, another friend and I went to G's apartment for drinks and dinner. We decided to make pizza, and, whilst I hardly helped more than going to the supermarket and helping to pick ingredients... it turned out delicious. (Come to think of it maybe that was because I didn't help... ha) We ran into some difficulties opening a corked bottle of red wine, so much so that after twenty minutes of watching Youtube tutorials and us three, intelligent, educated girls raising our arms in disbelief that we hadn't managed to crack this one seemingly simple code of adult life... we took it unashamedly down to a nearby bottle shop to see if the people there could help. When THEY couldn't help, the three of us then went to a bar, made a beeline for the only woman we could see behind the bar, and asked for her help. She took the bottle *upstairs* (seemed mysterious...) and came down with it open. We thanked her profusely and on our way out were scoffed at by an old dude drinking a pint of beer and eating a packet of chips by himself... we thought to ourselves - enjoy your Saturday night alone with your beer and chips at a dingy bar dude while together we eat delicious pizza in G's fancy apartment, swirl our glasses of sophisticated (finally open) red wine and discuss worldly issues.

Tonight (Thursday) is the Art Party at the NGV. Look, I was in the Herald Sun last Friday talking about it...

I found this photo hilarious, tbh. Also note typo in caption... Mina. However my name was spelt correctly in the bulk of the article. Curiouser and curiouser.  If you wanna come tonight, (I really think it will be fun!) You can still purchase tickets here.

Nothing else too important to report... I might be going to the beach with my family next week which I think will be fun. After being a staunch non-beach person, when I was sick last summer and I went to the beach I found it to be really healing and relaxing and rejuvenating so I'm an advocate now. As long as I have 50 plus sunscreen, shade, sunglasses, a hat... I digress. Even for a couple of days I'd be pleased to go.

I have to now decide what to wear for tonight! Hopefully will blog here again sooner rather than later. Sorry about that...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I've told every little star

It's been a bit over a week since I've last posted and lots of stuff has happened in that time! January has kicked off brilliantly and I've been busy as hell but completely in my element and loving it. There's something so great about that clean slate start and having lots of exciting opportunites blossoming daily. I got a few great emails this week that really lifted my mood and restored my faith in that this year (well at least the start of this year!) will be as productive and challenging as I had hoped.

I'm going to list off a few of the things that are coming up - the main one is Art Party at NGV that I'm hosting a collage workshop at. It's the first event of this kind at the National Gallery of Victoria aimed at teenagers. Tickets are only $13 dollars and you can buy them online here, alternatively, I'm doing giveaway on my Instagram where you can enter to win a double pass to the event and Jean Paul Gaultier prize pack! Unfortunately there is an age limit on the event - it is for teenagers under the age of 18 - but I plan on living for a long time and doing a number of other workshops in the future for EVERYone so never fear ; )

This other thing isn't really my thing but I designed the invite and think it sounds like a bit of fun - Three Thousand is hosting a party with Appleton Rum this coming Thursday the 15th of Jan. They're giving away 50 tickets via this link so if you're interested in hanging out at the bohemian cool Schoolhouse studios drinking rum for a couple of hours you should totally get on it:

Sorry that both of these things are Melbourne-centric! Bring on apparition I say. One day.

This Rookie series that I did with Brodie Lancaster is not Melbourne-centric, however - anyone can view it here. It's about *art couples* - but Brodie explains it all the more eloquently in her beautiful words which accompany my collages. Here are a couple below:

Other than working like crazy, I farewelled S yesterday. He's going to India for seven weeks for work. We had a great night on Friday - dinner at Gerald's on Rathdowne Street, and then we met friends for drinks at The Alderman. On Saturday we went to our favourite Grub Food Van for breakfast (and ordered the same meals each, for the third time in a row...) then, some last minute packing errands that I tagged along on, and an afternoon at Heide Museum. We had had plans to go to the beach on our last day together but the weather was disappointingly lousy and did not want that to occur. So we went to Heide instead and it was great, as usual, although I wasn't really that fussed on any of the exhibitions except Andrew McQualter's. There was a real lack of contemporary work that I was disappointed in. We ate giant freddos in the gardens and had a peek at the bee hives they have where I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to actually go...

S flew off on a jet plane this morning as I went to the Camberwell market with my Mum. I got a great bunch of things, actually - mostly paper ephemera for my book (swap cards, photos, postcards) and a Dolly Parton record. I am going through a really major Dolly Parton phase at the moment like you know when you have liked and known a singer for ever-ever but sort of took them for granted and never really thought about WHY they have been so popular and successful for ever-ever and then you realise and view them in a whole different light and it's a real lightbulb discovery that you wish you made ages ago. She's incredible. And I was urgently asking all the stall holders who were selling records today "Do you have any Dolly Parton!?" and only one dude did! What a travesty!

I'm too lazy to caption all the above images but by now they should all be pretty self explanatory. The 'Time After Time' image is a little snippet of a cover mock up I'm working on for my book. It feels so real now I can't believe it. September is when it is due to be released and that's going to come around verrrry quickly, I just know it.

Oh and I made a January playlist - haven't made a playlist in ages and was in the mood. Plus it was an outlet for my Dolly obsession...

That's all for now x

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I quit my dreaming the moment that I found you

Photos above from Monday through New Year's till now. Right now-now I'm in my bed getting a bit emotional listening to Kanye West's new song (?) (Just wasn't expecting to I guess) and thinking about the past week and how good it's been and I feel good but a bit weird (tired) and, like the first day of any year, a little unsure about the metaphorical trajectory I can see stretching ahead that looks maybe dark somewhere in the distance, dappled, sunny in patches... but it's too early to quite tell just yet. And, weather is always subject to change.

Before I get into stuff I want to specify one thing which is I want to bring in a new *rule* on this here blog. Not a *scary* rule that applies to you guys though, never fear! I'm going to be referring to people I talk about in my posts just by the first letter of their name. Truly not as a response to any incident, it's just a decision I've made as I want to be maybe a bit more respectful to the privacy of those in my life as well as my own at the same time. The New Year seems like a fitting time to start! It's not a blanket ban on full names - for example, if I'm talking about work - art, writing, etc, produced by friends, I will of course use their full names - it's more for friends of mine who I just hang out with on a personal level and the members of my family, etc. As this blog has been a bit of a diary-esque "I went here and here with this person and this person" thing, it seems appropriate. Anywho, isn't a big deal but just letting you know before I randomly start having a bunch of letters everywhere and you get so confused that you stop reading this blog forever!

SO HEY here are some thoughts on this New Year's Eve. Usually I make time every New Year's Eve to write down a list of the best things that have happened during the year. This year, however, I was too busy experiencing the best things to actually even need the validation of writing the list. I still don't know if I want to do one just for old time's sake or not but I reckon I'm still within the realms of it being the "New Year" for the next week or so if I change my mind. I think over the past few years I've needed the reassurance of those lists to reiterate that I HAVE done and achieved things over the previous 12 months, and not only that but been happy and met great people and had great laughs with friends. Writing it confirms the fact that it was real. On second thoughts, I might make some time to write that list tomorrow.

New Year's Eve was great. S had invited me to a dinner and party that his friend was hosting at her house in Carlton. I invited my friend G who I had also lunched with and hung out in my studio with earlier that day. The foundations were in place for a lovely evening because I liked everyone I was gonna be surrounded by and the food was incredible. We sat at a lovely table outside in the waning sun filled with flowers and plates piled high. After dinner the party started happening slowly, so slowly that before we’d even had a chance to set up the ladder in order to climb onto the roof where you could see the fireworks - others were lighting sparklers and beginning the count down. The ladder idea was abandoned quickly as we joined the group of people who’d happened to find themselves at the same party for this faux pivotal moment that we all tend to get wrapped up in the significance of. And that’s okay. Cause something significant doesn’t have to be significant forever, it can be just as slight as that 10 to 1 countdown that you do in unison with a bunch of different voices every year.

We headed home at about 3am, which really actually wasn't as late as I was expecting. It was nice because that meant I had some energy left to be chatting and excited on the way home and long after I should have fallen asleep. In the morning, I reckon I yawned so many times so loud and so lazily that the neighbours were shocked and appalled. In unison with the big stretchy sleepy arm movement I am prone to. S cooked an amazing omelette for breakfast which I was completely enamoured by. There was a lot more lazing about "New Year's Day doesn't have a time line!" and then we went to catch up with some people who had been at the party the night before and apparently were still doing so the next afternoon. We each had a bloody mary and then made an ice cream trip before I called it quits and went home. I am right now struggling to hold my head up as I finish this post.

One more thing is that incase you don't know, here is the link to my Tumblr: I say this just because I've actually taken to writing a bit on there. It is in the Tumblr space that I feel particularly uninhibited... I don't know why, but my posts here have become more re-telling of daily occurrences than marginally interesting writing, and I feel like my writing is better (more intense...) on Tumblr, so you should check it out if you want to. I think Tumblr seems more anonymous or more transitory or something...

Thanks for reading, as always. Will provide maybe more of a 2014 recap in next post, I am falling asleep right now and am also laughing immensely because I really WAS falling asleep and just re-read what I had written above before publishing, and there was a sentence that read "there were enough plastic bags in the dirt that he could eat!" just like, within the above paragraph. I have no recollection of writing it and it (obviously) has no relation to what I was discussing. Oh lord. BED TIME INDEED. Sleep blogging is not productive!

Sunday, December 28, 2014


CHRISTMAS! I had such a great Christmas. It is tradition that every year my Dad leaves all his shopping until Christmas Eve, and then he needs me and one of my sisters to help him do it all. This year was no exception. It's the most exhausting day, but I love the rush of it, and the fun and excitement. We went to the city (got a parking ticket... who gives parking tickets on Christmas Eve I ask!?) went to a speciality architecture bookshop on Flinders Lane, then to Metropolis in Curtain House where I got to choose a couple of books as my Christmas present from my parents. After that was the craziness of Myer and David Jones to buy my Nanna a mixer. Then the Chanel counter so I could get my other Nanna (I have two Nannas) a lipstick. I pretended I had to buy presents from Alpha60 so I could go there but really I just wanted to buy a dress for myself... sneaky. I bought this one.

Then we had to go to Doncaster which is a giant shopping centre in the suburbs. Flippers for my 8 y/o cousin, and a netball for her twin sister. Wrapping paper, tape, and then finally home. I love gift wrapping so then I wrapped everything and I know it sounds crazy because like *shopping!* but after all that, I was exhausted!

On Christmas Eve we go for dinner at my Nanna's house - just my immediate family. It's pretty relaxing but Nanna puts on a whole big roast dinner and has the table all set immaculately with bon bons and shiny silver cutlery that she only gets out this one time each year.

And I just realised I took this photo AFTER we'd eaten so the table doesn't look like how Nanna had it set!
On Christmas morning, we always go to my neighbour Len's house. He gives us shrimps and champagne at like 10.30am in the morning. He also gave our dog Soda a wrapped Christmas present with a card. Inside were some pigs ears. Soda was so thrilled.

For lunch, we went to my Aunty and Uncle's house with my whole extended family. That's always a big event, and there's always lots of food. Because I don't eat meat, though, it's easy for me to have a small portion for my main meal so that I can have HEAPS of desert. Hehehe. I've got it all sorted out.

Playing shops with my cousin

This is Mr.Perceval
After lunch ended (at like 6pm) we headed home. Simon came over to my place and we drank with my parents and picked at a cheese platter that none of us really felt hungry for. We exchanged presents (the last for Christmas 2014!) and watched a bit of a really weird brilliant show called 'My Christmas Obsession' before retiring to bed. On Boxing Day we slept late and had breakfast that was really lunch. We really wanted to go to Heide but it was closed. I gave Simon this David Shirley frisbee as a bit of a joke but we realised that frisbees were actually really cool and so we wanted to go to a park to throw it. Because we couldn't go to the gardens at Heide we just went to a local park. We also played with this weird electronic paper plane thing that Simon had been given as a gift. So outdoorsy! I felt great afterwards.


Soda really likes my new pillow... 
Yeah, get off.
Clockwise starting at top left: Angel Olsen record from Simon, 1 of 3 Toiletpaper mugs from ThirdDrawerDown from my sister, Pillow from Simon, 1960s fashion print book by Marnie Fogg from Mum and Dad, The Source Family book from Mum and Dad, more of the Toiletpaper mugs, '70s Style and Design book from Mum and Dad, Maison Balzac candle from Simon, Apron from my Nanna. Plus a bunch of vouchers and cards up the top!

And these are my *EXCEPTIONALLY* wrapped gifts for my friends and family. YAY. I had such a nice Christmas. Hope you all did too!