Monday, February 16, 2015

You Da One

Today's outfit - Verner skirt, Dress Up top, Gorman shoes and Toiletpaper cup from Third Drawer Down
The photographer Amy in my studio today, I loved her dress!
Pretty into my new gold shoes gotta say. Also, they're flat! I have to look after my dodgy knee... 
Flower arrangement by yours truly... it's pathetic and my Mum would be so embarassed 
Selfies as coping mechanism for deadline freak outs
Beautiful new bedspread, a gift from Beci Orpin and ARRO home! (Excuse my terrible photo)
Photo messages for my Valentine who is still far away

In completely in love with my new Marina Fini earrings
New notebook from Officeworks - couldn't resist procrasto-decorating the cover
Company in my studio
Table cloths from the Art Party at NGV have turned into wall hangings!
Cleaned my old desk too for when I had a curator coming to visit :)
Amazing illustration on the back cover of a 1970s Snow White children's book I bought
Super dork at Laneway
Music festivals just aren't my thing I'm afraid
Cute pic of Brodie and I at Laneway by Aevoe
 As usual, photos are in order from newest to oldest. I realised when I put these photos up that the last 'day off' I had was when I went to Laneway music festival which was 10 days ago and I'm not going to have another day off until this coming Sunday. I'm not complaining, but I'm just realising that it's not sustainable. I was so unbelievably tired today that I felt myself falling asleep at my desk. I've just been working towards deadlines and the more I think about deadlines the more I realise what an unpleasant turn of phrase it is... literally a DEAD line. And the more I think about how unpleasant I find the phrase the more the work I have to do to meet the "deadline" seems looming and large and unmoving. However, if I didn't have scary deadlines I'd probably never get myself together and actually relinquish my work to the realms over the finish line and spend forever nit picking and carefully crafting sentences until they combust.

At the moment I'm working on a section of the writing for my book and I'm finding it rather hard. I can write, but I'm used to coming online and writing at odd intervals when it takes my fancy, and when I feel I have something specific to say. In these circumstances, I have to write specific things at specific times and I'm not as productive in that way. I'm learning to work it through, though. From writing I get distracted very easily if something's not going the way I want it to go. I find it hard to persevere with writing, whereas with drawing I have much more patience. I think because I know I can get there with drawing, but writing - it's more linear - like if a sentence isn't working or a word isn't fitting properly, I find it hard to move on from that and then I'll go on Facebook of Tumblr or Instagram or pick at my nails or start doodling with a pen or spinning around on my new spinning chair. I digress.

As you can see from the above pictures, they're pretty much all in my studio. That's where I've literally been every day the past couple of weeks, in between work and sleeping. Even in between work I manage to get in there at some point and bash something out. Ha. I am loving it there. Today I had a photoshoot in my studio for Officeworks. They allowed me to purchase a whole bunch of things to set up my new space and it has been so monumentally helpful. I've been able to get a new scanner, new headphones, copic markers, a bookshelf, a chair, and heaps more stuff. I even put the bookshelf together by myself would you believe. Muscle woman! So today they came to take photos of how I'd set everything up and they'll put them online. Anyway it was pretty fun and the photographer was sweet and I think the pictures will be nice :)

Other stuff I've done is that I went to Laneway with Brodie! We saw Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy (and Rookie!) perform, and that was pretty magic. The whole day completely exhausted me, though, and I was a little sunburnt and completely delirious when I started to venture home with my sister after St Vincent. Highlights for me were Perfect Pussy and St Vincent. I was too short to see anything else and they were the performances were we were getting the least crushed. I don't think music festivals are for me, but I can now say that after having actually been to one. It was great hanging out with Brodie and she was the perfect festival buddy :)

My friends from high school came over to my studio on Friday night and we ate so much Trippy Taco it was criminal (6 meals between three people) and then hung out watching episodes of My Strange Addiction and looking through the 1970s cookbooks my friend bought me and dry-retching at the jellied meatloaf sections, which is completely normal, and we then drove home singing/yelling along to early 2000s hit songs. It was fun.

Plans for this week include working on my book in my studio and working at work. I am going to be social on Saturday and have that long awaited day off on Sunday.

Oh, I made a new playlist, too. A belated Valentine's Day themed one - enjoy!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Two Doors Down

Collage by me for Rookie Mag

Pictures are from newest to oldest! Phew. While I've just gotten back from a beach holiday, to be honest, I don't much feel like I've had a break. I was working *remotely* from the apartment I stayed at with my family in Lorne - I had my scanner, laptop and a large portion of materials from my studio splayed over the kitchen table for the duration of the trip. I was also doing some work for my part time job, along with illustration commissions and various other things... eeep! Lots of work, lots of tired late night eyes attempting to draw relatively straight lines and failing.

The weather was disappointing and I was left wondering what season it was, as being rugged up in jackets and jumpers certainly did not feel like summer. I managed to get one swim in, which was refreshing, but I had wished for close and hot days where I could sweat everything out and then wash it all off in the ocean.

Because of the cooler weather, highlights from the trip included a bush walk, a trip to a waterfall, seeing dolphins in the ocean from the car and finding a copy of the National Gallery of Victoria magazine where I have a big feature at the local Op Shop. (It came out this time last year, and has come full circle!)

I'm glad to be home, though. I missed my studio. I won't be able to be in there every day from now on, unfortunately, the summer of love is over and this week I'm starting back in the office at my three-day-a-week part time job. The start of February marks the true beginning of this year - back to my regular routine, on the 9.10 train, fidgeting in my wheelie office chair eating toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch. There is comfort in this that I crave, but I will miss the scope of time I had to play with over the last month. I loved long days in my studio. I can still have them but not as often. It's a reality I have to come to terms with.

On a whim I decided that I'd go to Laneway Festival this Saturday. I am going with my friend Brodie who works at Rookie Magazine with me. We're excited to see Perfect Pussy, whose lead singer is Meredith Graves - another fellow Rookie who is here on tour from America! I have never been to a music festival before. I know. I am 24. But it's just never appealed to me as a nervy introvert who doesn't like loud noises. I'm excited, though, and Brodie said she'll "look after me" and I think I will have fun. I am going to wear so much sunscreen and be so prepared and have lots of water and a big hat. Yes yes.

I'll be waking up early to go to my studio tomorrow and hopefully get a lot of work done.

Above are some pictures from Art Party at the National Gallery of Victoria, too, which was so much fun. It was fantastic to meet so many of you and to see so many young people participating and being enthusiastic about art. You all lit up the room. Thank you for coming :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I only wanna keep you around

I had some visitors on Wednesday afternoon :)

I've been working in my studio every single day for over a week now. I'm really productive there, my large, light filled space lulls me into a rhythm of productivity (most of the time). I love it. I really love it. It's a pity that I have so much work to do at the moment, only in a sense that I haven't been able to be a bit less-productive and loiter around putting things in places and decorating a bit more and starting the task of painting my floor (I want to paint it red) and buying a disco ball (I want it to hang from a convenient chain that remained from the last tenant on the roof)...

I suppose I'll have these aimless hours sometime soon, hopefully. I felt like I still need a bit more time to acquaint myself with my new space, to get things *just so*. In the meantime, I'll continue to arrive, sit straight down at my desk - (or, well, I might put a record on first) and get to work. Mainly I'm working on illustrations for my book (I have a looming deadline that each day I feel surer and surer I'm going to miss...) and various other illustration projects. I'd love to get a canvas started, but I can't foresee having any time to do that until at least March.

January is literally flying by and I can hardly keep up. Someone asked me "how was your summer?" the other day and I double took and realised that in lots of ways we are at the tail end of it, I mean, I'm back into my routines, Autumn/Winter collections are dropping in stores... ha. Time, as usual, hurtles onwards and I'm left in clouds of dust that I futilely try to collect and preserve in vessels with holes in them. I can never just BE. I can never let time simply wash over me. I'm always trying to catch it and haul it up. I am aware that I always write about this. But, it's how I feel.

Hmm. Last weekend was a great one. My weekend actually started on Thursday night when I attended The Thousands x Appleton Rum party that I designed the invitation for. I hung out with B most of the evening, made a couple of new friends, too, and sipped on very sophisticated cocktails with garnishs of orchids. I had fun.

Photography by Brodie Lancaster

Friday night, G and I went to the Ladies of Leisure zine launch at M Pavilion. We arrived early in steamy weather and had a couple of drinks out of large plastic cups...

Photograph by Heather Lighton for The Thousands
On Saturday night, another friend and I went to G's apartment for drinks and dinner. We decided to make pizza, and, whilst I hardly helped more than going to the supermarket and helping to pick ingredients... it turned out delicious. (Come to think of it maybe that was because I didn't help... ha) We ran into some difficulties opening a corked bottle of red wine, so much so that after twenty minutes of watching Youtube tutorials and us three, intelligent, educated girls raising our arms in disbelief that we hadn't managed to crack this one seemingly simple code of adult life... we took it unashamedly down to a nearby bottle shop to see if the people there could help. When THEY couldn't help, the three of us then went to a bar, made a beeline for the only woman we could see behind the bar, and asked for her help. She took the bottle *upstairs* (seemed mysterious...) and came down with it open. We thanked her profusely and on our way out were scoffed at by an old dude drinking a pint of beer and eating a packet of chips by himself... we thought to ourselves - enjoy your Saturday night alone with your beer and chips at a dingy bar dude while together we eat delicious pizza in G's fancy apartment, swirl our glasses of sophisticated (finally open) red wine and discuss worldly issues.

Tonight (Thursday) is the Art Party at the NGV. Look, I was in the Herald Sun last Friday talking about it...

I found this photo hilarious, tbh. Also note typo in caption... Mina. However my name was spelt correctly in the bulk of the article. Curiouser and curiouser.  If you wanna come tonight, (I really think it will be fun!) You can still purchase tickets here.

Nothing else too important to report... I might be going to the beach with my family next week which I think will be fun. After being a staunch non-beach person, when I was sick last summer and I went to the beach I found it to be really healing and relaxing and rejuvenating so I'm an advocate now. As long as I have 50 plus sunscreen, shade, sunglasses, a hat... I digress. Even for a couple of days I'd be pleased to go.

I have to now decide what to wear for tonight! Hopefully will blog here again sooner rather than later. Sorry about that...