Friday, January 15, 2016

The song went on forever

I entered 2016 in the best possible way. Dancing in a wonky blow-up pool under the muggy moonlight. Lighting too many sparklers that melded into a slow moving ball of fire that I placed down with no fear on the concrete, laughing hysterically. A mis-timed countdown and rushing out the back gate to catch the tips of the fireworks over the roofs of Carlton. Assessing the risk of climbing up on the neighbours shed for a better view, too dangerous. Compliments came until all hours of the morning and I felt soft and happy.

Since, I've been to the beach for a week and had begun to extraordinarily relax before holidays were swiftly pulled out from underneath me. I had a dream that my hair was turning grey post conversations of hypothetical loans and seemingly monumental decisions. I've been sunburnt more times than I'd like to admit, a stark change from my usual sun smart vigilance "how did it happen?" I kept thinking, but it happened because I was having fun. Summer is hot, and I can wear all my favourite items of non-insulated silk clothing without carting jackets or sporting woollen tights. It feels great, I feel pretty great, I have a few things to sort out but they're happening gradually. I remind myself that people do things on their own timelines and not those of other people, I remind myself of all the good things present in my orbit currently and that I deserve them.

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  1. so good to hear you've had a restful start to 2016 Minna :)