Sunday, September 13, 2015

Time After Time

Wow. I launched my book on the evening of Friday 4 September amongst the glory of the above fanfare. It was brilliant, overwhelming, life affirming, mildly anxiety inducing, but fantastic. I am so pleased and I feel so odd that it's all over. Well, not all over - just that my book is now out of my hands and in stores waiting to go to new homes. I visit book stores to peek at the copies occasionally and move them to more visible locations amongst their peers. My boyfriend has subtly popped a few in 'staff picks' sections, which I find very entertaining. Anyway, the novelty of everything hasn't quite worn off so I'm still kind of buzzing.

The launch was held at Daine Singer gallery in Melbourne, and decorated by myself and my Mum from her florist The Wilde Bunch... hence the amazing flower arrangements and huge floral archway in the photo section! I was so pleased with how everything came together. It looked magical. Heather Lighton took the above photographs (minus the handful of inconsistent phone photographs I added!) and I think (hope) everyone looks like they're having a good time :) Alcohol was generously supplied by The Melbourne Gin Company and Fowles Wine.

I'm so grateful to everyone who came to my launch and also to my Melbourne Writer's Festival event at Alpha 60. Your support and enthusiasm means so much to me, and I am truly floored at the amount of love and light you all contribute to my life and career. Forever and ever - you are why I do what I do.

Since the launch, I've been trying to chill out and have a bit of a break. I've had some time off work, some time off from emails and the internet... not Instagram though - ties to that one can't be broken. I'm back here with lots to say and my next post will be about my recent holiday to Sydney! I had such a great time and can't wait to give you an overshared play-by-play of course.

If you'd like to purchase a signed copy of my book - I am selling them through Big Cartel. I can personalise the message if you'd like - just let me know your name/anything you'd like me to say! Will ship internationally and nationally, of course.
Here is the link to purchase:

To finish this post here are some pics of my launch that I totally stalked from Instagram! People posted the best things so I had to share...

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  1. Ahh I wish I went! :( I also missed your preview at Alpha 60 (had a presentation to my research group on the Friday of your book launch) and just generally I have been lots more anxious than usual and stressed with writing my thesis
    I'm so glad that it all went well, everything looks so beautiful and spectacular, the party embodies the colour of your art Minna
    Glad to hear you're also rewarding yourself with a mini-break before your next big project, can't wait to see what that is

  2. Hey Adele! It's not a problem at all! I hope your thesis is going really well, try not to let it get too on top of you! lots of time outside and in the sun (when you can!) will help. Best of luck with it all. love Minna xxx