Friday, June 12, 2015

Girlfriend, our life is one of lights and shadows

Have you been to Canberra? I have, as of this weekend. That makes 7 of 8 states and territories of Australia that I have visited. I need to go to the Northern Territory to make that 8 of 8, maybe someday soon.

I had a great weekend away. I flew up to our *Nation's Capital* with my Mum on Saturday afternoon, and there met up with my Dad, sister, Nanna and Uncle who had driven up. We all stayed at the Hyatt hotel, and I shared a room with my Nanna. The reason it was such a family affair was because my family is super supportive and all wanted to see my work at the National Gallery of Australia! I did too. We did that on Sunday, I had a meeting with the curator in the morning and then we all met up to see my works together.

It really was actually a rather surreal experience for me. When I walked into the building immediately I could see one of my two works hanging across the room. I couldn't believe the power it had in scale and position. I was pretty floored. This feeling tied in with recently feeling confident enough to call myself an artist when people enquire as to what I "do". It's all very legitimate now. I feel really proud of myself, to be honest. This was a big deal for me.

I enjoyed Canberra as it is a fairly bizarre city. Well it's not really a city, more of a town that feels like an Army Barracks or something. The streets are long and straight and deserted. Absolutely deserted. Large government buildings and institutions stand staunch and unmoving with nobody ever appearing to go in or out. The air is crisp cold and the light is soft and steady. I enjoyed walking places, I walked to and from the galleries and back and forth from our hotel. I was the only person walking the streets but I didn't feel unsafe. In fact I liked it. The airport was provincial and pleasant, the taxi drivers friendly and offering of local knowledge and conversation.

The plane trips were strange, on the way up Mum and I didn't get to sit next to each other and I sat next to a boxing coach wearing an all white tracksuit set. He struck up conversation and we talked about his *fighters* and passion and drive and dedication in life. He was impressed that I told him I had work at the National Gallery of Australia and he said he'd check it out. I don't think he will, but he did lift my suitcase out of the overhead baggage compartment for me. I wished him good luck.

The trip home was unpleasant as we had the very back seats of the small plane with no windows. Our flight was delayed and rough, but at least short. I was glad to be home.

This weekend I'm going to Tasmania with S to attend the Marina Abramović opening on Saturday night and various other Dark Mofo events. I'm really looking forward to it. We have booked a spooky looking hotel with amazingly dated decor and we are trying to upgrade to a room with a spa. I hope we are successful. We fly out Saturday morning and arrive home Monday morning. Two plane trips one week apart is rare for me but kind of exciting.

Here are some pictures from Canberra :) Next post expect pictures from Tasmania!

Obligatory plane window shots

Hyatt Hotel in Perth 

Couldn't not take selfies in the amazing hotel bathroom

Spooky hotel hallway
Spooky hotel art

It was like 2 degrees outside when I took this
Ye olde 'Blue Poles'
Bridget Riley
Unfortunately I didn't note down the name of this artist

Unfortunately I also didn't note down the name of this artist
Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri
Gertie Huddleston 
Willie Gudabi
Richard Bell
Esme Timbery
Tracey Moffatt
Dorkiest poses ever

David McDiarmid

My badges in the gallery shop!

Me at the James Turrell exhibition 
Me, Mum and my sister at the James Turrell exhibition

You can see the Shrine of Remembrance in the distance
Croquet playing near our hotel
New gold boots on hotel carpet
There was a pianist playing at this piano every day
Canberra airport
Literally deserted 
Made Mum take this pic of me... 

Bought S a souvenir stubby holder!

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  1. Canberra is SO weird! I was there in Summer last year for a holiday with my family. Honestly, I'm not sure why my mum wanted to go, but it brought back weird vibes from when I was there in 2006 for primary school camp. The National Gallery was by far, the best part! I'm so happy to see that your work is there! They have such an awesome collection. I also really like the lake. It was obviously super hot when we were there so lots of people were out walking and jogging along the lake but I completely agree with you when you said how deserted it is??!!

    Have fun in Tassie! I'm going later this year and after that I will have visited all the states & territories! :D