Monday, March 2, 2015

Grown Woman

My work (top left) in Brazil Vogue!
My painting (left) next to Zoe Croggon's beautiful collage at my gallery Daine Singer
Lunch at The Auction Rooms in North Melbourne with a friend
Dingy little corner of my studio that needs work!
Oh yes, a note in the front inside cover of a Spice Girls book from Savers
I found some great and creepy children's books at Savers on the weekend
I love these so much. Such brilliantly strange photographs of dolls posed on the beach...
Dinner outside at my Nanna's house for my sister and two little cousin's birthday. My cousin and I saved our seats early. My Nanna made the table cloth - she has the best decor.
Colours. Carven pink skirt, Dress Up polo top :)
Browsing my finds in the studio on Monday
Close up with a book illustration in the background
Working on some backgrounds for my book
My friend cooked my other friend and I the most delicious CHOCOLATE PUDDING at her new house :)
Sunshine on my clothes
New ruler, ha
After my last Skype with S before he came back!
Mmm I got a couch in my studio and covered it with my shag bedspread that I used in my Spring 1883 installation!
I love itttt
Records and a book from Jess Johnson's studio garage sale on Saturday!
When I accidentally went to Myer and ended up getting a facial and my makeup done
More background (the colours look inaccurate here cause this is just a phone pic)
As usualllll pictures are from oldest to newest! Another week is over and the next one has already begun which means it is pretty much almost over again... everything is moving so super fast at the moment. On Saturday I was working in my studio and got lots of stuff for my book done. I was listening to Beyonce's 'Grown Woman' on repeat and feeling pretty pleased with myself. I took a break at lunch time and went into the city to spend a Mecca Cosmetica voucher that my friends from high school had given me for my birthday (3 months ago. It takes me ages to spend vouchers...) Anyway I sort of decided that I was going to spend a bit of money on some stuff for myself and I thought it was well overdue that I graduate to some grown-up makeup rather than just drugstore stuff. It was the perfect decision to go there when I took my break from the studio. The customer service at Mecca is OUT of this world and usually I find retail experiences incredibly empty and unsatisfying but this was just such a relaxing and positive exchange. The women who was helping me offered to give me a facial and then do my makeup so we could try the products I was thinking of buying. She was completely genuine and not overt in selling particular products and seemed legitimately invested in making me happy and at ease and getting me what I wanted. I should say as well that I am in no way affiliated with Mecca and really honestly did just have this great experience!? Anyway, I bought a whole set of new Nars makeup and it's completely changed my life. No reapplying powder at 1 hour intervals or getting creases everywhere on my face. A whole new world!

I also bought some more nice stuff for myself - Aesop Marrakech Parfum because my last one ran out, and I was never happy with how the original incarnation of the fragrance lasted on me (not at all) apparently this was the same for a lot of people so they reissued it as Marrakech Intense which has much greater staying power. I also just replaced the moisturiser I use from there, too. Oh and new nail polish. My toes are currently pink. Also on Saturday Jess Johnson who is an artist who also has a studio at Gertrude Contemporary had a garage sale (in her studio) and it was really, really good. She had this entire box of records for sale that were in like brand new condition for only $5 each. I got The Who, Led Zeppelin and The Smiths (photo above). Jess also saved me a book called 'Vegetable Men' that she thought I'd like. I did. Whatta haul!

Speaking of hauls... Long lost S came back from filming in India on Sunday (I would send haul videos to S while he was away... because I'm completely normal). I was really looking forward to his return. He came and picked me up from home in the morning, jet lagged and all - and we went back to his place to unpack his bag and listen to the incredible 1970s disco records he bought in India. We went out for lunch, then out for dinner, then out for drinks with friends... we ended up getting home at 3am which was rather ridiculous for a Sunday night, but it was fun.

Going out for breakfast this morning turned into going out for lunch and by the time we extracted ourselves from bed we were very, very hungry. Our favourite place 'Grub Food Van' in Brunswick was closed, much to our dismay - so we went to Proud Marys in Collingwood. It's always super busy there which is kind of unpleasant but they provided pretty good service this time which has never previously been the case (In my opinion!)

I digress from my halfhearted *not really based on anything* ""reviews"" of Melbourne eateries to bring to your attention this interview with me on Pedestrian tv: which came out today :) That's the photoshoot I mentioned in my last post, anyway. The Officeworks team allowed me to completely stock up my studio with everything I'd ever need (okay for like 6 months anyway) and it has been monumentally helpful in my settling in and getting "set-up" in my new space!

This week I think is going to be same old busy bustle but that's good I guess.

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