Sunday, December 28, 2014


CHRISTMAS! I had such a great Christmas. It is tradition that every year my Dad leaves all his shopping until Christmas Eve, and then he needs me and one of my sisters to help him do it all. This year was no exception. It's the most exhausting day, but I love the rush of it, and the fun and excitement. We went to the city (got a parking ticket... who gives parking tickets on Christmas Eve I ask!?) went to a speciality architecture bookshop on Flinders Lane, then to Metropolis in Curtain House where I got to choose a couple of books as my Christmas present from my parents. After that was the craziness of Myer and David Jones to buy my Nanna a mixer. Then the Chanel counter so I could get my other Nanna (I have two Nannas) a lipstick. I pretended I had to buy presents from Alpha60 so I could go there but really I just wanted to buy a dress for myself... sneaky. I bought this one.

Then we had to go to Doncaster which is a giant shopping centre in the suburbs. Flippers for my 8 y/o cousin, and a netball for her twin sister. Wrapping paper, tape, and then finally home. I love gift wrapping so then I wrapped everything and I know it sounds crazy because like *shopping!* but after all that, I was exhausted!

On Christmas Eve we go for dinner at my Nanna's house - just my immediate family. It's pretty relaxing but Nanna puts on a whole big roast dinner and has the table all set immaculately with bon bons and shiny silver cutlery that she only gets out this one time each year.

And I just realised I took this photo AFTER we'd eaten so the table doesn't look like how Nanna had it set!
On Christmas morning, we always go to my neighbour Len's house. He gives us shrimps and champagne at like 10.30am in the morning. He also gave our dog Soda a wrapped Christmas present with a card. Inside were some pigs ears. Soda was so thrilled.

For lunch, we went to my Aunty and Uncle's house with my whole extended family. That's always a big event, and there's always lots of food. Because I don't eat meat, though, it's easy for me to have a small portion for my main meal so that I can have HEAPS of desert. Hehehe. I've got it all sorted out.

Playing shops with my cousin

This is Mr.Perceval
After lunch ended (at like 6pm) we headed home. Simon came over to my place and we drank with my parents and picked at a cheese platter that none of us really felt hungry for. We exchanged presents (the last for Christmas 2014!) and watched a bit of a really weird brilliant show called 'My Christmas Obsession' before retiring to bed. On Boxing Day we slept late and had breakfast that was really lunch. We really wanted to go to Heide but it was closed. I gave Simon this David Shirley frisbee as a bit of a joke but we realised that frisbees were actually really cool and so we wanted to go to a park to throw it. Because we couldn't go to the gardens at Heide we just went to a local park. We also played with this weird electronic paper plane thing that Simon had been given as a gift. So outdoorsy! I felt great afterwards.

Soda really likes my new pillow... 
Yeah, get off.
Clockwise starting at top left: Angel Olsen record from Simon, 1 of 3 Toiletpaper mugs from ThirdDrawerDown from my sister, Pillow from Simon, 1960s fashion print book by Marnie Fogg from Mum and Dad, The Source Family book from Mum and Dad, more of the Toiletpaper mugs, '70s Style and Design book from Mum and Dad, Maison Balzac candle from Simon, Apron from my Nanna. Plus a bunch of vouchers and cards up the top!

And these are my *EXCEPTIONALLY* wrapped gifts for my friends and family. YAY. I had such a nice Christmas. Hope you all did too!


  1. can't believe you went to the city AND doncaster in the same day! (and I can see why they would monitor car parks at this time of year but seriously, what a grinch!)
    love the Christmas decorations around the table though :)

  2. I know, it was INSANE !!! yep parking lot grinch for sure, hehe :)
    Thanks lady xxx Minna

  3. Is that a thumbs-up for the credit card? :-)) A cup of tea from this post and a frog in a pond from an earlier post would be a perfect purchase for me! And Soda's very cute with that amazing coat! Thanks, Mina :-)