Sunday, December 14, 2014

Did you give the world some love today baby

I didn't mean to wait so long between posting! This past week has been SO crazy, I've worked every single day! This week I had the photoshoot for my book. In three days, we had to shoot EVERY SINGLE image that is to be used, so I had to be pretty darn organised. Because my book is based around clothing and fashion, I was elected to model a number of outfits I've created from my wardrobe. It was fun, and while at first being a bit stiff I gradually warmed into the role of "model" and I think we got some really good shots. We also had to shoot the cover, fabric details, objects, clothes on hangers, flat lay images, etc etc. All in three days. The people I was working with were fantastic, and the process couldn't have been any easier or more pleasant. This didn't stop me from being completely exhausted though!

Here are a whole bunch of phone pictures (naturally I can't share the actual shots yet! YET.)

I haven't been able to spend much time in my new studio this week, which is a bummer. I did however *host* a dinner there for Simon and I on Thursday night. I bought some amazing wine glasses that are really wide down the bottom, if that makes sense and they're super retro so I love them. I bought a nice bottle of Pinot Nior and made a quiche which we actually had to eat cold so was a bit disappointing... however was the perfect initial warming of the space and I felt very at home.

I'm going to have a mini party thing there this weekend so I'm really looking forward to that. I bought a new record player for myself and am going to get some really nice speakers this week. (So much for Christmas shopping, I'm just buying gifts for myself...!) I feel very at home in the space already.

Today I have a family Christmas party thing but I am waiting until the last possible second to get ready because I haven't had a lie-in for like, a month, and it is Sunday, and I've just shot ALL the photos for my book and done a few other things in between so I think I deserve it. I have a lot of deadlines to catch up on this week but knowing that I finish work at the end of the week and have my mini studio party will make it worthwhile.


  1. omg can't wait to buy a copy of your book when it's in print- the photos look fantastic and I'm completely in love with your selection of shoes!

  2. Yes! All the photos you were sharing on Snapchat were so sassy and had so much attitude and I just sat there saying 'YES!' to myself over and over. I think I scared my boyfriend's family! I can't wait to see this. Your wardrobe is actually perfection.