Thursday, November 6, 2014

Things I've learned recently

This is an uncharacteristically sporadic post that is of course subject to change... I'd just been thinking tonight about issues I've overcome this year and challenges I've faced and realised that they were all very valuable because I have been able to form much stronger opinions about who I am and what I want and equally deserve in my life ya know!

1. If someone or something gives you that sick, dark, heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach - don't ignore it - take steps to remove whatever is causing it from your life.

2. If you've cried over someone or something more times than you can count, that presence is not constructive or valuable to you. Separate yourself.

3. Do not apologize for the intricacies of your personality even if you fear they come across as irrational. Do not censor or water down your characteristics to allow other people to take up more space with theirs.

4. Romance is not grandiose or heart wrenching. It is mundane in the best of ways. It is in routine and certainty and in knowing someone will call you the next day. I didn't believe it either but romance CAN and DOES exist within stability.

5. Make decisions with a 50/50 balance between your *gut* and your mind, never wholly one or the other. Trust me.

Don't spend time with anyone who doesn't ask questions of you and your life.

7. Don't apologize to your company for expressing a opinion or gesticulating a little too wildly.

8. Do whatever the hell you want as long as it is not at the expense of other people's physical, emotional or mental well-being. Be kind and always tell the truth not only to others but to yourself.

9. Do not belittle your own achievements. Tell people about them and be proud. I am in the December issue of British Vogue:

10. Treat yourself.


  1. I can't tell you how helpful this post was to me today. I have been struggling with lots of these issues of late, and this only has confirmed that I need to take action! Congratulations on being in Vogue, brilliant news! X

    1. Thank you so much Lally, I'm glad you enjoyed the post :) XXX Minna

  2. You learnt a lot of good stuff, now if I would only apply these things to my life...
    Also CONGRATS on Vogue! (gonna take your advice on number 10 and go buy that Vogue for myself)

    1. Thank you so much !!! You should definitely treat yourself to a magazine :) :) :) X Minna

  3. This list is ace!! Thank you for sharing your very wise words and congrats on being in British Vogue - So cool!!