Monday, November 17, 2014

Out on the weekend

Oh Hello. For not being able to walk I actually had a good weekend! On Saturday I ran the collage workshop at the Good Copy. I was kind of nervous about it but I ended up having a really great time! It was a small group of people and everyone was so lovely, I found it so relaxing and fun! Here are some pictures.

On Sunday my friend Georgie hosted a birthday brunch at her house. Apart from running a little late and it taking forever to get a taxi from the station nearby (Could have probably crutched there in the time I waited) I had another really great, relaxing day! Georgie is a pretty amazing cook and she put on a massive spread including homemade crumpets, blueberry pancakes, fritters, fruit salads, cheese platters, a very large birthday cake AND a plethora of pastries and donuts which I snacked on well into the late afternoon... YUM. Brunch turned into me staying until like 6pm chatting for the first time in what felt like a long time to people outside of my immediate family. It was so lovely.

I also finally got my hands on Rookie Yearbook 3 and got to flip through that whilst putting my knee up. I'm so proud of the contributions I've made and still get a kick out of seeing my drawings scattered throughout the book.

Birthday cards for Georgie and my other friend Sophia whose birthday it was earlier in the week
Detail - (I liked the colours against my red skirt!)
One of my favourite spreads in Rookie Yearbook 3 with a background by me!
YAY so I had a nice weekend. I am aiming to be off my crutches by Wednesday so I can go to work but I am seeing my physio tomorrow to see what she says. Just giving you all my health/injury updates! ha ha.


  1. Oh wow Rookie Yearbook 3 looks fantastic! Definitely need to save up to buy this. I'm glad the workshop ended up going well and hope you are off your crutches by now (or if not, soon!)

  2. So glad you had a nice weekend despite your knee!! That brunch sounds absolutely amazing!!!

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon Minna...thanks again for still coming to do the workshop :)