Thursday, November 13, 2014

I'll write your name

My Mum has taken to calling me "Hop-along". I am still on crutches and my knee is actually still sore, I secretly thought I'd be fine in a couple of days but that's not the case! The Doctor said I had to be on crutches for a week, and I was hoping to speed that process up... but I think she was right. Eeep! It's so frustrating. Walking is something I took completely for granted, as most people tend to do I suppose. It's very disheartening feeling physically unable to get from A to B. As you can see, I am pretty annoyed with myself! It's only been four days! ha ha. On the bright side, it's done wonders for my blogging! Here I am again!

Last night I DID leave the house - as I mentioned, I was determined to do so! I went to the David Shrigley opening at the National Gallery of Victoria, crutches and all. Did you know it's hard to hold a glass of champagne and get around on crutches? It is. I had fun though, and then had dinner out - chauffeured right to the restaurant in a taxi no less! I've been working from home which is making things a lot easier, and survived the couple of hours on my feet for the exhibition opening with the help of the aforementioned champagne and of course lovely company.

Now I am hauled up in bed again with ice on my knee to get the swelling to go down again and I'm sending elaborate snap chat stories to my friends and I'm sure they are thinking that my 'knee selfies' are getting tiresome...

On Saturday I'm running a workshop (on crutches, of course) at The Good Copy as a part of the Independent Photography Festival. All the details are here! and the Good Copy is running a competition on their Instagram ( @thegoodcopy ) to win a ticket :) Get on it!

For someone who has only left the house once in the past four days, that's not a bad blog post I guess.

Here are some average pictures...

Outfit for Shrigley - Acne dress, Alpha 60 socks... my new FLAT SHOES (I know, I had to) and CRUTCHES from my Physio!
Soda, my only friend during the day
On Monday night my friends bought over burgers and Kinder Surprises and M&Ms for me! This is the toy I got OMG
Annoying Mum by touching everything at her shop waiting for her to give me a lift home
P.S Hi I am obsessed with the Taylor Swift 'Blank Space' video clip. See u later!


  1. Soda is so cute I want to cry! Kinder Surprise! you have great friends. They're so expensive now as well. Hope your knee gets better soon


    1. Thank you so much lovely! I wish I had a kinder surprise now !!!

  2. love the cute socks you're wearing and sending you good vibes that you get better soon. On the plus side, the toy in your kinder surprise is literally the best thing ever I now want to buy a bunch and just make flower crowns with them

    1. hehe it was one of the Disney princess Kinder Surprises !! You should totally get one!
      thanks for the good vibes :) X