Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I Know Places

Pradas on Tuesday
Patch collection coming along nicely
Easey Street studio time coming to an end
SODA relaxing on my clothing
This is what I'm doing if I tell you I'm "working on my book"
So stoked to illustrate Maude Apatow's interview with Lena Dunham for Rookie - after Lena saw the illustration she followed me on Instagram! *Fans self*
I just had a very visceral flashback to making zines in 2010. It was the summer holidays at the end of second year university, and I didn't leave the house for days at a time. It was hot as hell and I'd work on the floor of my bedroom with my grey-blue typewriter and hundreds of cut outs and photocopies strewn in a circle around me – sitting cross legged in the centre like some kind of pistil.

Whenever I look back on the zines I produced during the period of time between early 2010 and early 2012, I feel a little embarrassed at the daggy drawings I did and they seem somewhat childish. When I read the poems I wrote, however, an incredibly heady perfume of my feelings at that time overcomes me. They are very powerful - personally, anyway, in allowing me to be transported back to certain long since dissipated relationships and encounters. Perhaps even more powerful than looking back on old paintings. I often curse the specificity of words, but it's obvious that that specificity is what makes them so enormously powerful.

Here's one that I just read back over. I would have written this in 2011.

* * *

Longing for tongue on teeth, a wet heat. "I'm thinking a lot about the enormity of missing someone, that thirst, that unconquerable feat"

Shacked up stacks frame, exclaim the impossibility of that famed caress, a quick palm slip or a thigh clip. I'm hungry and clutchin' my coat to my chest, wrists watch through mottled windows futile in undress. "I never asked how dinner went, or how is that girl you frequent"

Breathe out through pursed lips, hollow a clenched fist, an absent hair twist. The horizontal figure eight haunts me once more burned into that slight hypnotic motion I could ignore

if it weren't for everything stemming from that stigma and the terrific fact that you're actually only an enormous elaborately packaged enigma.

* * *

Sigh. Writing poems is something I definitely want to revisit at some point. Unfortunately I don't have the hours and days on end like I did in that past summer to dedicate the emotional energy I'd need to make good poems.

I've been busy lately, doing god knows what - I'm still in limbo a little, a bit between things, in some ways. I'm enjoying myself, though, and am exploring some circles outside my usual ones. Moving into Gertrude seems unreal, now that it's getting this close. I am moving out of Easey Street at the end of November, pretty much the day of my 24th birthday. I am moving into Gertrude at the start of December. I feel like I really, really need this change of scenery. It is very easy for me to get stagnant and I feel like I have been for the past month or so, in lots of ways. I'm going to make my studio at Gertrude into the most amazing groovy "PAD" with everything I need like different cereals to snack on and cool furniture and I'm going to cover my walls with fabric and fabric prints and pictures and drawings and those glittery curtains. It will be MY SPACE and I can't wait to show my friends and you guys of course.

I spent all day Monday updating the pages of this here blog/website. If you check out the Painting, Drawing/Collage and Illustration pages you will see that they are finally showing more of my current work. I don't think I'd updated it in like 2 years. Whoops.

I bought this Acne dress online the other day that I have wanted since it first came out and was much more exorbitantly priced. I really, really want to wear it to the David Shrigley opening at the NGV but I don't think it will come in time :( If I keep visualizing myself in it, there - perhaps it will miraculously come true.

That's pretty much the extent of what is on my mind at the moment... in all its erratic glory.

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  1. omg your poems are really good! I get what you mean about creative working whether it being writing or art feeling draining though emotionally. I wish I had more time for that kind of stuff during semester but at the same time I'm battling to keep my head above water.
    Hopefully once my exams are done I can go back to collage making, diary writing and blogging :)