Sunday, November 23, 2014

Far Rainbow

Thursday morning
Saturday art play
Illustration for Rookie :)
Emily Floyd at the NGV
Daine and her daughter looking at the Emily Floyd exhibition at NGV
Typewriters that I wanted to take home at the Emily Floyd exhibition
You could use them to write a 'manifesto'
I just wrote my name on this one...
Organising stuff for the photoshoot for my book which is early December!
Cute jewelry box this at the Camberwell market today

Condiments at the Camberwell market

Stunning cover of a French magazine that I didn't buy but now wish I did. I love the dappled sunlight in this shot
I've had a pretty low maintenance week. Getting used to using my legs again (Still hobbling around with one crutch unfortunately, I'm hoping to ditch that in the next few days - at least before my birthday/new studio moving day this coming weekend!) and back in the office for work, negotiating getting there and home with the least walking possible... I went to the Emily Floyd exhibition opening at the NGV on Thursday night, and I was glad I did. I went by myself and didn't think I'd know anyone there but turns out I did and it's always good for me to force myself to do those things.

I really liked the exhibition - it was much larger than I'd assumed it would be, and the spaces were vast and high ceiling-ed. I wore my Yves Klein Blue Alpha 60 dress and blended right in with the signature blocks of primary colours Emily Floyd is known for. After that, I headed to the VCA to watch my sister's final recital performance. She is studying music composition there. My family and I then went out for dinner afterwards to a pizza restaurant on Elgin Street. For being out with my two Nannas we actually had a rather late night and got home at midnight.

Today I went to the Camberwell market with my Mum, two sisters, my Aunty and my two little cousins (another family affair!). Mum and I were looking at a jewelry stall run by a grey-haired older lady. A group of three women were also looking at the stall, and Mum and I noticed one of the women bending a broach she'd picked up from the table - fiddling with it and almost breaking it. We then saw her slip the broach in her pocket! The two other women in the group were talking to the stall holder - distracting her - we later worked out. We didn't quite know how to react to the situation... we watched her for a little while longer as she picked up a sapphire necklace and had it cupped in her hand... she then blatantly slipped THAT in her pocket... and by then I just had to say something! I confronted her by just loudly saying "Excuse me, but I saw you put that necklace in your pocket!" and she sort of didn't even care and didn't really say anything? I told the stall holder - about the broach as well - and then swiftly exited the scene - but I wish I didn't because I wanted to see how the rest of the situation played out and I really hope that the stall holder got her two things back! I dunno, it does make me seem like a bit of a snitch, but I was glad I did what I did. The women who was stealing the jewelry didn't look as if she was struggling financially (I know you can't make that judgement just by looking at someone but... well, I did) and I felt really bad for the stall holder who was being taken advantage of. I couldn't not say anything - it was too blatant and there was absolutely no doubt that she had stolen those items because I saw it with my own eyes... so crazy.

I didn't even really buy anything at the market today which was disappointing, but I had a really nice time wandering (a little disjointedly with my crutch of course) and rifling through things.

I think tomorrow evening I'm going to go to the VCA Grad show exhibition opening - my second one since I graduated. It's turning into a marker of time for me, I can't quite believe it was this time last year I went to the last one, but, matter-of-fact it was. This time two years ago I was graduating from Honours. This time two years ago I was about to turn 22. Now I'm about to turn 24. How time flies, of course of course.

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