Monday, November 10, 2014

An uncool story

On Sunday I dislocated my knee. It was really unpleasant and I was in the company of someone who I didn't really wish to see me writhing around on the floor in pain, but unfortunately in some situations you have no choice... The paramedics came but luckily in that time my kneecap slipped back into its rightful place - that is, not sticking out the side of my leg. It was so painful and I keep saying this but it was literally the worst pain I've ever experienced! (I haven't experienced any really extreme pain before) SO, now I am feeling 50% embarrassed and 50% sorry for myself as well as feeling like I have NO idea how I am going to do stuff while I am incapacitated on crutches. I have a workshop I'm running on Saturday, work, and not to mention the David Shrigley opening at the NGV which I had been looking forward to for weeks. I am DETERMINED to go to the David Shrigley opening, like, I will crawl there in my best dress if necessary. It's frustrating because like I wasn't even doing anything out of the ordinary to dislocate my knee - I was literally just standing, getting ready to go somewhere and there was a shooting pain and it went out from under me! Couldn't believe it. So I don't even have an extreme story to go with the injury. I was just standing there. This is typical of me.

I was having a ball during the week before I dislocated my knee, though. I had two lunches out with friends, one dinner out, work, some illustration things in between and bought a new dress on Friday evening at Alpha 60. It was amazing because the sales assistant noticed that I had three $50 vouchers that I had accrued on my loyalty card there so I got $150 off my purchase! I bought the most incredible, vibrant blue silk and cotton dress. It's like Yves Klein Blue and I wouldn't usually go towards that colour but it was so perfect against my hair I couldn't resist! VERY exciting stuff.

Saturday was a really nice day. Pamela had a gig scheduled at a children's birthday party in Fitzroy, and it was really fun. The weather was warm and I wore the very same blue dress I'd bought the day before... haha. Anyway after that I went to the studio for a bit, then went to the Independent Photography Festival opening party thing at Strange Neighbor. I met Simon there and Brodie was there along with a few other people I vaguely knew. Simon and I then went for dinner at 400 Gradi which is an 'acclaimed' pizza restaurant on Lygon Street that people rave about. It really was great. We shared a margarita and some salads and shivered once we got outside again as a cool change had rushed over Melbourne. It was raining as we got in a taxi and went home.

Then of course Sunday was the fateful knee dislocation day and now I'm lying in bed feeling very sorry for myself after a phone conversation with my boss telling her I'd have to work from home and then thinking about how I'm not really going to be able to do anything this week... SIGH!

Snapchats to my frands
In retrospect, these shoes *could* be one of the contributing factors as to why I dislocated my knee...
Phone doodles
A portion of our audience on Saturday
Birthday cake!
Jelly beans from Dad
Don't these Jelly Beans remind you of being sick as a child? Their whole company makes all their money off of parents or guardians who buy them from chemist front counters to cheer up ill children. I am 23 but they still work...

Today my Mum took me to a bunch of appointments and I got an X-ray and stuff. My friends Bree and Therese came to visit me tonight to cheer me up and bought our favourite take-away burgers and Kinder Surprises to eat. I have some pretty lovely people in my life who still like me if I don't brush my hair in preparation for their company or if I'm hobbling around on crutches or even if I am writhing around on their floorboards screaming in pain louder than I even knew I could... eeep. :(

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  1. Sorry to hear about your dislocated knee - ouch!

    That blue is just magic on you though and yay for bonus vouchers! Love those ALPHA60 guys!