Sunday, November 23, 2014

Far Rainbow

Thursday morning
Saturday art play
Illustration for Rookie :)
Emily Floyd at the NGV
Daine and her daughter looking at the Emily Floyd exhibition at NGV
Typewriters that I wanted to take home at the Emily Floyd exhibition
You could use them to write a 'manifesto'
I just wrote my name on this one...
Organising stuff for the photoshoot for my book which is early December!
Cute jewelry box this at the Camberwell market today

Condiments at the Camberwell market

Stunning cover of a French magazine that I didn't buy but now wish I did. I love the dappled sunlight in this shot
I've had a pretty low maintenance week. Getting used to using my legs again (Still hobbling around with one crutch unfortunately, I'm hoping to ditch that in the next few days - at least before my birthday/new studio moving day this coming weekend!) and back in the office for work, negotiating getting there and home with the least walking possible... I went to the Emily Floyd exhibition opening at the NGV on Thursday night, and I was glad I did. I went by myself and didn't think I'd know anyone there but turns out I did and it's always good for me to force myself to do those things.

I really liked the exhibition - it was much larger than I'd assumed it would be, and the spaces were vast and high ceiling-ed. I wore my Yves Klein Blue Alpha 60 dress and blended right in with the signature blocks of primary colours Emily Floyd is known for. After that, I headed to the VCA to watch my sister's final recital performance. She is studying music composition there. My family and I then went out for dinner afterwards to a pizza restaurant on Elgin Street. For being out with my two Nannas we actually had a rather late night and got home at midnight.

Today I went to the Camberwell market with my Mum, two sisters, my Aunty and my two little cousins (another family affair!). Mum and I were looking at a jewelry stall run by a grey-haired older lady. A group of three women were also looking at the stall, and Mum and I noticed one of the women bending a broach she'd picked up from the table - fiddling with it and almost breaking it. We then saw her slip the broach in her pocket! The two other women in the group were talking to the stall holder - distracting her - we later worked out. We didn't quite know how to react to the situation... we watched her for a little while longer as she picked up a sapphire necklace and had it cupped in her hand... she then blatantly slipped THAT in her pocket... and by then I just had to say something! I confronted her by just loudly saying "Excuse me, but I saw you put that necklace in your pocket!" and she sort of didn't even care and didn't really say anything? I told the stall holder - about the broach as well - and then swiftly exited the scene - but I wish I didn't because I wanted to see how the rest of the situation played out and I really hope that the stall holder got her two things back! I dunno, it does make me seem like a bit of a snitch, but I was glad I did what I did. The women who was stealing the jewelry didn't look as if she was struggling financially (I know you can't make that judgement just by looking at someone but... well, I did) and I felt really bad for the stall holder who was being taken advantage of. I couldn't not say anything - it was too blatant and there was absolutely no doubt that she had stolen those items because I saw it with my own eyes... so crazy.

I didn't even really buy anything at the market today which was disappointing, but I had a really nice time wandering (a little disjointedly with my crutch of course) and rifling through things.

I think tomorrow evening I'm going to go to the VCA Grad show exhibition opening - my second one since I graduated. It's turning into a marker of time for me, I can't quite believe it was this time last year I went to the last one, but, matter-of-fact it was. This time two years ago I was graduating from Honours. This time two years ago I was about to turn 22. Now I'm about to turn 24. How time flies, of course of course.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Out on the weekend

Oh Hello. For not being able to walk I actually had a good weekend! On Saturday I ran the collage workshop at the Good Copy. I was kind of nervous about it but I ended up having a really great time! It was a small group of people and everyone was so lovely, I found it so relaxing and fun! Here are some pictures.

On Sunday my friend Georgie hosted a birthday brunch at her house. Apart from running a little late and it taking forever to get a taxi from the station nearby (Could have probably crutched there in the time I waited) I had another really great, relaxing day! Georgie is a pretty amazing cook and she put on a massive spread including homemade crumpets, blueberry pancakes, fritters, fruit salads, cheese platters, a very large birthday cake AND a plethora of pastries and donuts which I snacked on well into the late afternoon... YUM. Brunch turned into me staying until like 6pm chatting for the first time in what felt like a long time to people outside of my immediate family. It was so lovely.

I also finally got my hands on Rookie Yearbook 3 and got to flip through that whilst putting my knee up. I'm so proud of the contributions I've made and still get a kick out of seeing my drawings scattered throughout the book.

Birthday cards for Georgie and my other friend Sophia whose birthday it was earlier in the week
Detail - (I liked the colours against my red skirt!)
One of my favourite spreads in Rookie Yearbook 3 with a background by me!
YAY so I had a nice weekend. I am aiming to be off my crutches by Wednesday so I can go to work but I am seeing my physio tomorrow to see what she says. Just giving you all my health/injury updates! ha ha.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I'll write your name

My Mum has taken to calling me "Hop-along". I am still on crutches and my knee is actually still sore, I secretly thought I'd be fine in a couple of days but that's not the case! The Doctor said I had to be on crutches for a week, and I was hoping to speed that process up... but I think she was right. Eeep! It's so frustrating. Walking is something I took completely for granted, as most people tend to do I suppose. It's very disheartening feeling physically unable to get from A to B. As you can see, I am pretty annoyed with myself! It's only been four days! ha ha. On the bright side, it's done wonders for my blogging! Here I am again!

Last night I DID leave the house - as I mentioned, I was determined to do so! I went to the David Shrigley opening at the National Gallery of Victoria, crutches and all. Did you know it's hard to hold a glass of champagne and get around on crutches? It is. I had fun though, and then had dinner out - chauffeured right to the restaurant in a taxi no less! I've been working from home which is making things a lot easier, and survived the couple of hours on my feet for the exhibition opening with the help of the aforementioned champagne and of course lovely company.

Now I am hauled up in bed again with ice on my knee to get the swelling to go down again and I'm sending elaborate snap chat stories to my friends and I'm sure they are thinking that my 'knee selfies' are getting tiresome...

On Saturday I'm running a workshop (on crutches, of course) at The Good Copy as a part of the Independent Photography Festival. All the details are here! and the Good Copy is running a competition on their Instagram ( @thegoodcopy ) to win a ticket :) Get on it!

For someone who has only left the house once in the past four days, that's not a bad blog post I guess.

Here are some average pictures...

Outfit for Shrigley - Acne dress, Alpha 60 socks... my new FLAT SHOES (I know, I had to) and CRUTCHES from my Physio!
Soda, my only friend during the day
On Monday night my friends bought over burgers and Kinder Surprises and M&Ms for me! This is the toy I got OMG
Annoying Mum by touching everything at her shop waiting for her to give me a lift home
P.S Hi I am obsessed with the Taylor Swift 'Blank Space' video clip. See u later!

Monday, November 10, 2014

An uncool story

On Sunday I dislocated my knee. It was really unpleasant and I was in the company of someone who I didn't really wish to see me writhing around on the floor in pain, but unfortunately in some situations you have no choice... The paramedics came but luckily in that time my kneecap slipped back into its rightful place - that is, not sticking out the side of my leg. It was so painful and I keep saying this but it was literally the worst pain I've ever experienced! (I haven't experienced any really extreme pain before) SO, now I am feeling 50% embarrassed and 50% sorry for myself as well as feeling like I have NO idea how I am going to do stuff while I am incapacitated on crutches. I have a workshop I'm running on Saturday, work, and not to mention the David Shrigley opening at the NGV which I had been looking forward to for weeks. I am DETERMINED to go to the David Shrigley opening, like, I will crawl there in my best dress if necessary. It's frustrating because like I wasn't even doing anything out of the ordinary to dislocate my knee - I was literally just standing, getting ready to go somewhere and there was a shooting pain and it went out from under me! Couldn't believe it. So I don't even have an extreme story to go with the injury. I was just standing there. This is typical of me.

I was having a ball during the week before I dislocated my knee, though. I had two lunches out with friends, one dinner out, work, some illustration things in between and bought a new dress on Friday evening at Alpha 60. It was amazing because the sales assistant noticed that I had three $50 vouchers that I had accrued on my loyalty card there so I got $150 off my purchase! I bought the most incredible, vibrant blue silk and cotton dress. It's like Yves Klein Blue and I wouldn't usually go towards that colour but it was so perfect against my hair I couldn't resist! VERY exciting stuff.

Saturday was a really nice day. Pamela had a gig scheduled at a children's birthday party in Fitzroy, and it was really fun. The weather was warm and I wore the very same blue dress I'd bought the day before... haha. Anyway after that I went to the studio for a bit, then went to the Independent Photography Festival opening party thing at Strange Neighbor. I met Simon there and Brodie was there along with a few other people I vaguely knew. Simon and I then went for dinner at 400 Gradi which is an 'acclaimed' pizza restaurant on Lygon Street that people rave about. It really was great. We shared a margarita and some salads and shivered once we got outside again as a cool change had rushed over Melbourne. It was raining as we got in a taxi and went home.

Then of course Sunday was the fateful knee dislocation day and now I'm lying in bed feeling very sorry for myself after a phone conversation with my boss telling her I'd have to work from home and then thinking about how I'm not really going to be able to do anything this week... SIGH!

Snapchats to my frands
In retrospect, these shoes *could* be one of the contributing factors as to why I dislocated my knee...
Phone doodles
A portion of our audience on Saturday
Birthday cake!
Jelly beans from Dad
Don't these Jelly Beans remind you of being sick as a child? Their whole company makes all their money off of parents or guardians who buy them from chemist front counters to cheer up ill children. I am 23 but they still work...

Today my Mum took me to a bunch of appointments and I got an X-ray and stuff. My friends Bree and Therese came to visit me tonight to cheer me up and bought our favourite take-away burgers and Kinder Surprises to eat. I have some pretty lovely people in my life who still like me if I don't brush my hair in preparation for their company or if I'm hobbling around on crutches or even if I am writhing around on their floorboards screaming in pain louder than I even knew I could... eeep. :(

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Things I've learned recently

This is an uncharacteristically sporadic post that is of course subject to change... I'd just been thinking tonight about issues I've overcome this year and challenges I've faced and realised that they were all very valuable because I have been able to form much stronger opinions about who I am and what I want and equally deserve in my life ya know!

1. If someone or something gives you that sick, dark, heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach - don't ignore it - take steps to remove whatever is causing it from your life.

2. If you've cried over someone or something more times than you can count, that presence is not constructive or valuable to you. Separate yourself.

3. Do not apologize for the intricacies of your personality even if you fear they come across as irrational. Do not censor or water down your characteristics to allow other people to take up more space with theirs.

4. Romance is not grandiose or heart wrenching. It is mundane in the best of ways. It is in routine and certainty and in knowing someone will call you the next day. I didn't believe it either but romance CAN and DOES exist within stability.

5. Make decisions with a 50/50 balance between your *gut* and your mind, never wholly one or the other. Trust me.

Don't spend time with anyone who doesn't ask questions of you and your life.

7. Don't apologize to your company for expressing a opinion or gesticulating a little too wildly.

8. Do whatever the hell you want as long as it is not at the expense of other people's physical, emotional or mental well-being. Be kind and always tell the truth not only to others but to yourself.

9. Do not belittle your own achievements. Tell people about them and be proud. I am in the December issue of British Vogue:

10. Treat yourself.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I Know Places

Pradas on Tuesday
Patch collection coming along nicely
Easey Street studio time coming to an end
SODA relaxing on my clothing
This is what I'm doing if I tell you I'm "working on my book"
So stoked to illustrate Maude Apatow's interview with Lena Dunham for Rookie - after Lena saw the illustration she followed me on Instagram! *Fans self*
I just had a very visceral flashback to making zines in 2010. It was the summer holidays at the end of second year university, and I didn't leave the house for days at a time. It was hot as hell and I'd work on the floor of my bedroom with my grey-blue typewriter and hundreds of cut outs and photocopies strewn in a circle around me – sitting cross legged in the centre like some kind of pistil.

Whenever I look back on the zines I produced during the period of time between early 2010 and early 2012, I feel a little embarrassed at the daggy drawings I did and they seem somewhat childish. When I read the poems I wrote, however, an incredibly heady perfume of my feelings at that time overcomes me. They are very powerful - personally, anyway, in allowing me to be transported back to certain long since dissipated relationships and encounters. Perhaps even more powerful than looking back on old paintings. I often curse the specificity of words, but it's obvious that that specificity is what makes them so enormously powerful.

Here's one that I just read back over. I would have written this in 2011.

* * *

Longing for tongue on teeth, a wet heat. "I'm thinking a lot about the enormity of missing someone, that thirst, that unconquerable feat"

Shacked up stacks frame, exclaim the impossibility of that famed caress, a quick palm slip or a thigh clip. I'm hungry and clutchin' my coat to my chest, wrists watch through mottled windows futile in undress. "I never asked how dinner went, or how is that girl you frequent"

Breathe out through pursed lips, hollow a clenched fist, an absent hair twist. The horizontal figure eight haunts me once more burned into that slight hypnotic motion I could ignore

if it weren't for everything stemming from that stigma and the terrific fact that you're actually only an enormous elaborately packaged enigma.

* * *

Sigh. Writing poems is something I definitely want to revisit at some point. Unfortunately I don't have the hours and days on end like I did in that past summer to dedicate the emotional energy I'd need to make good poems.

I've been busy lately, doing god knows what - I'm still in limbo a little, a bit between things, in some ways. I'm enjoying myself, though, and am exploring some circles outside my usual ones. Moving into Gertrude seems unreal, now that it's getting this close. I am moving out of Easey Street at the end of November, pretty much the day of my 24th birthday. I am moving into Gertrude at the start of December. I feel like I really, really need this change of scenery. It is very easy for me to get stagnant and I feel like I have been for the past month or so, in lots of ways. I'm going to make my studio at Gertrude into the most amazing groovy "PAD" with everything I need like different cereals to snack on and cool furniture and I'm going to cover my walls with fabric and fabric prints and pictures and drawings and those glittery curtains. It will be MY SPACE and I can't wait to show my friends and you guys of course.

I spent all day Monday updating the pages of this here blog/website. If you check out the Painting, Drawing/Collage and Illustration pages you will see that they are finally showing more of my current work. I don't think I'd updated it in like 2 years. Whoops.

I bought this Acne dress online the other day that I have wanted since it first came out and was much more exorbitantly priced. I really, really want to wear it to the David Shrigley opening at the NGV but I don't think it will come in time :( If I keep visualizing myself in it, there - perhaps it will miraculously come true.

That's pretty much the extent of what is on my mind at the moment... in all its erratic glory.