Tuesday, October 21, 2014

No regrets coyote

I had a great day today. I went to Tarrawarra which is an Art Gallery in Healesville with a friend and it was the most glorious weather and everything was green and clear. I bought a whole lot of food and we had a picnic on the grass next to the lake. Then, we had wine at the restaurant and took the scenic drive back home. Not bad for a Tuesday.

I've been reasonably busy otherwise, just odd jobs and working on my book at intervals - I need to be more stringent with making myself sit down and do it at specific times rather than picking it up and putting down a little randomly... I just get distracted by nice weather and opportunities to laze about in the sun laughing.

I haven't felt like blogging lately, a phase which I know will pass - I suppose I am writing a lot elsewhere and this space takes a back seat. Once a week (ish) seems to be working pretty well for me at the moment.

Here are some pictures which are completely out of order...

Studio desk on Saturday
New issue of Filmme Fatales by my friend Brodie Lancaster! Plus she bought me blow-up '60s coat hangers!
Amazingly creepy book from Savers about facepainting
Grumpy in the studio on Saturday
Tarrawarra relaxing
Presents that my sister bought me back from New York!
Studio desk last Tuesday
Flowers from Madeline at Extraordinary Routines in my studio last Tuesday
Waiting for the train
Media preview of the Romance was born exhibition at the NGV on Friday!

The Romance was born exhibition is phenomenal! I was so happy to have a first look and I also got to meet Anna and Luke! They visited my exhibition at Daine Singer the other week and I was completely stoked. Tomorrow I have work as usual but I feel much more refreshed after a day in the sunshine today... I think that's all for now.


  1. I'm so keen to see the Romance was Born exhibition, this literally means the world to me <3

  2. That blow up hanger, your umbrella blouse, and rainbow platforms are all amazing and please me very much! :)