Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Monday after I did it

On the Sunday after my opening I literally did not do a single thing. I stayed in bed until very late, spent some time watching TV, went on my laptop, and somehow in the midst of all that, got the idea in my head that I wanted to go to the Melbourne Show. For those who don't live in Melbourne, the Melbourne show is like a yearly carnival sort of thing that's been going forever (I actually just looked it up, it started in 1846!) and there's farmyard animals, equestrian events, dog shows, food stands, cake decorating competitions, craft competitions, rides, showbags etc etc.

The last time I went would have been when I was 16 or something, and I went with my friends from high school. I have very vivid memories of going with my Mum, Aunty and Nanna when I was a child, too, it was kind of like the universal annual pilgrimage of every family with young kids in Melbourne. I was never someone who went on the rides (what with truly heinous motion sickness and general anxiety...) but while I found the noise and crowds a bit overwhelming, I always remember being excited and happy.

Anyway so I wanted to go I guess because I was in the mood to do something a bit nostalgic and relaxing and daggy to sort of get out of the mindset of stress and deadlines. Plus, I thought it would be fun! Somehow I managed to convince my Mum to come with me, and I also convinced her to let me take her there on public transport. It was 24 degrees, sunny with not a cloud in the sky and it was so perfect.



I made a new friend
Those were all just phone pictures so the quality is a bit questionable, but the cute little baby animals and oddly sculpted cakes shine through! Doing a really basic, nostalgic, escapist and ultimately unproductive (work wise) activity was exactly what I needed, oddly, to snap me back into reality. Almost.

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  1. aw this looks like such a cute day out!! all the animals are adorable! i hope you and your mum had a fantastic time - nothing like a bit of nostalgia. doing kid things as an adult is the best!