Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This one is for you baby

I need to write something out tonight but I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing it, and even what it is exactly. I don't feel I can be as explicit on here as I used to be able to when no one really read this thing. Since the art fair I've been very busy, but in a lonely way. Working largely from home I can go whole days without speaking to a soul, except perhaps the postman. That is a radical change from art fair week where I literally lost my voice from talking so much, meeting so many people. When I go from one extreme to the other I tend to get a little antsy.

This is only one of many dichotomies I currently find myself navigating. I go between glamourous exhibition openings with gesticulating conversations, meeting person after person and immediately forgetting their names, to lonesome days in front of my paintings - the very paintings that get me to these exhibition openings - singing along to Stevie Nicks or specific sentimental songs that remind me of sentimental people. I am emotionally invested in something but unable to be physically invested. I go between thinking time passes all too quickly without the chance to savour a single second to thinking that it's a slow motion eternity. I want things that if I had them I wouldn't want them anymore.

I am in a brilliant, strange and glistening place at the moment. But it is unfamiliar. It is treacherous. I am making decisions and steering across uncharted territory in my work life, my love life, my social life (okay, all aspects of my life). I am getting older. The overarching protection bubble of youth no longer totally safeguards me and I feel exposed to the elements. I am asking questions that only I can know the answers to.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. It's a good thing. I am learning so much, feeling so much that I've never felt before - the good and the bad. My world seems so much wider now that I know my feelings can transgress oceans, now that I think of events in my life as pieces of a larger puzzle rather than a singular entity that exists outside of a greater plan.

I feel almost like a different person to the self I knew last year. I was so compromised, so enamored with the familiar. It was easy, but I that's exactly why I decided I didn't want it anymore. This year has been a self-exploratory year and it's been remarkable.

Minna Gilligan, 'For you baby', 2014, collage.
The series of badges I designed for Melbourne Art Fair. I am doing a giveaway to win these on my Instagram! @minnagilligan 
In my studio on Monday
Working at home today
Brodie and I at the Melbourne Writer's Festival opening party on Saturday night
As an aside to the rather intense personal rant above (hi guys!) - Brodie and I (plus other amazing gals!) will be speaking at the 'Amazing Babes' event for under 20s this coming Sunday the 31st. We are speaking about women who have influenced us - Brodie is speaking about Tavi and I am speaking about Ella Hooper :) More information and tickets here: http://staging.mwf.com.au/session/amazing-babes/

Thanks for reading as always X


  1. a have a very real love for your badges.
    very impressed by youuu!!!
    bella x

  2. Can't believe I didn't know about your blog until now! It's wonderful and your artwork makes me really happy. :)