Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's all happening

I was in the paper today! It was all very exciting. If you've read the article, or follow me on other social media sites - you will know what it was in aid of! I am FINALLY able to share with you that I am publishing a book, an in real life BOOK, with Hardie Grant, coming out late 2015. That is what I have been annoyingly hinting about on here since like, January! Wahoo! The book is going to be based around dressing and fashion - combining vintage pieces with contemporary pieces, detailing my inspiration sources, my favourite finds... I like thinking of dressing as kind of like making a collage. I am consistently drawing from a number of different sources and periods in time to create something that is familiar and yet totally new. I am excited to explore fashion in what I feel is a more legitimate sense. I have always had an affinity with the 'medium' - if you will. More details to come, of course!

The article in The Age today, brilliantly written by Philippa Hawker, is available to read online here.

Today pretty much marks the beginning of the biggest week of my entire life. Art Fair week. And I'm in two art fairs. In amongst all of that madness, I also have a meeting with my publisher - the first proper one since the book has been approved. Eek! I think I said to someone that I was 60% anxious and 40% excited for this coming week. I think those statistics are still similar as I begin. After I read the article in the paper excitedly this morning I said to my Dad - "sheesh, I better actually pull something off now!" This week I hopefully will!

I suppose I am 60% anxious about just not having time to decompress. Usually one or two social events a week are enough for me - and usually one or two of my own exhibitions a YEAR is enough for me! This week I am literally going from social event to social event, exhibition opening to exhibition opening, media preview to media preview, and I'm afraid I might crash, as I have been known to do in the past when things get a bit much for me. I know I just have to pace myself, not talk at a thousand miles an hour and not get too hyper or enthusiastic. I had lunch with a friend the other day and they were like - "This is why artists stereotypically look grumpy and wear sunglasses and smoke in a corner at their own opening!" and I kind of totally get that now, like it's impossible to muster enough enthusiasm to be "ON" all the time you know. I know I'm probably still going to half kill myself trying, though. I need to learn to sometimes let other people do the talking rather than filling all spaces with often meaningless excitable words, and just chill OUT a bit! Easier said than done though. We'll see!

Install is on Tuesday. 8am start. I am very pleased to have my Dad helping me that morning, he has a big truck for work that always fits my big art in so we don't have to get random couriers to drive it places. It helps to know your family is there to look out for you. Currently everything is sitting in my room, just waiting to be bubble wrapped. I have a selection of plants in pots and stacks of books to bring to Melbourne Art Fair. I have a '60s fuschia coloured feather duster, big paintings, strange pillow sculptures and lots of faux fur to bring to The Windsor. I feel like I am moving house or something!

I'm not sure if I will get a chance to post here before the madness begins, so I'm going to give you all the details for the two exhibitions, should you live in the right part of the world to attend, and should you want to attend of course!


Melbourne Art Fair Creative Space
Carlton Gardens' Royal Exhibition Building
14th - 17th August, 2014
Adult: $28 in advance / $30 at the door
Concession: $22 in advance and at the door
Kids: Under 16 free when accompanied by an adult

I am running the 2014 Creative Space at the Melbourne Art Fair! There will be 8 new works of mine on display, as well as tables set up with paper, collage material and textas for you to create your own collage! I am planning on spending as much time as possible in the space, and will be letting you guys know when I'm going to be there on my Twitter account and Instagram account. Yay! I would love to hang out and make collages with some readers. I should note, as well, that I have designed a series of badges that will be available at the stand for participants. They are exclusive to the stand at the art fair and will be in limited quantities, so get down when you can to avoid missing out y'all!

Spring 1883
'Almost Forever'
The Windsor Hotel
111 Spring St, Melbourne
14th - 17th August
Thurs - Sat: 12pm - 6pm
Sun: 12pm - 4pm
Admission: Free

'Almost Forever' as a part of Spring 1883 at the Windsor Hotel is an installation in the bedroom of a hotel suite. I am totally inhabiting the space and will be displaying new paintings amongst faux fur, soft sculptures, knick knacks and fabric prints. It will literally be all my psychedelic dreams come true. If you are going to the Melbourne Art Fair, the Windsor is only about two tram stops back towards the city, and it's free! Each gallery participating in Spring 1883 has their own hotel suite, and so you will be able to walk through other suites and look at the work of other artists. It is a much more intimate environment. The Windsor is an amazing building and you should also keep in mind that they do morning tea there! ;) I will be floating about the Windsor at select times throughout the duration of the exhibition, and again will be posting details of my whereabouts on Twitter and Instagram. :)

If you would like any further information, please contact my gallerist Daine Singer at


I think that's about it. Wish me luck in not collapsing from exhaustion! My mantra for this week will be "pace yourself". But I also have to remember to enjoy myself and not turn into a ball of stress! I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm getting all worked up sitting here in my bed thinking about it! Ha ha. Below are some recent pictures, and then I think I should hop off to bed for an early night.

Pile'o'books and one of the badge designs below

'Play the way you feel it', 2014, collage and acrylic on found image. New work for Melbourne Art Fair.
Recent Rookie illustration for an article about witches by Lucy!
Starry starry night... zzz


  1. thats amazing!

    good luck With your book!

  2. That's so exciting! Good luck with everything!

  3. So, I just dug into your archive (sorry if that's weird. My old blog posts are SO awful) and I found this post where you were upset about work and didn't think you would be able to live off of your art/ have the lifestyle you wanted. Then I see this post and the dozens of opportunities your art has afforded you and I'm just in awe. Just wanted to say you are really awesome, your success makes me slightly jealous, but you deserve the good things coming your way!