Monday, July 28, 2014

If we still have time we might still get by / every time I think about it I want to cry

New drawing for an illustration job
Sunglasses in winter 
New found photos
Heart stitching collage
Grinning my face off after Pamela
Tiny little peek of some new paintings
Neato and I by Heather Lighton 
New to me '60s Japanese swing coat and a book about mobiles!
I have been so productive these past few days. I have needed to be, though, because I have so much work to get through before my two exhibitions in early August. Last week was crazy busy with work in combination with social commitments. Wednesday night, Pamela performed as a part of Nite Art at the Ian Potter Museum. We were on at 10pm, which seemed horrifically late when I knew how much I had to do the next day... but I ended up getting into the spirit. There was no bar at the venue, which we all reeled about for probably longer than necessary. I met Georgie and Jon 'round the side on a picnic table and we had secret pre-performance beers together. We performed well, but it's always an odd crowd at art galleries, a mixture of people who know us and our schtick and people who don't.

Afterwards we went to get drinks at a very fancy and *private* bar called the Kelvin Club. It was rather strange, with ancient royal red carpet, low ceilings and oversized pool tables. I was exhausted and distracted, so it seemed like some sort of Twin Peaks dream world.

Thursday evening I was at The Alderman for drinks with Joe and his friends. I really had a good time but said one really overtly obnoxious thing that I regretted as soon as it left my lips, and then you like fixate on that and worry that those people you don't really know and are trying to make a good impression upon now think you're terrible. I was reassured multiple times which helped, but I just can't seemed to go too long without humiliating myself every once in a while. I guess it keeps me on my toes.

On the weekend, for once in my life, I was a little bummed that I had no night time plans. No place to go to get dressed up to or clutch onto a drink and laugh. I couldn't believe I was actually mildly disappointed that I didn't have any obligations to go anywhere in the evening. The only social thing I did on the weekend was on Saturday afternoon, where I went to Heather Lighton's house/studio to be photographed for an upcoming feature. I can honestly say it was the best experience I've had being photographed ever. Heather was a dream to work with, super professional and brilliant in giving direction, which is what I need - lest I have the exact same mildly sad expression for every photo. Anyway so I can't wait to share them! But I must! However I can show you the little outtake of me having a break with Heather's dog Neato ;) (Above!)

Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night was work. Today was work. Tomorrow I have two interviews/photoshoots and a meeting in my studio, then, a fond farewell which I am equally looking forward to and dreading. Siiiiigh a thousand times!

Hope to be able to blog more this week. In the meantime I always am putting stuff up on Tumblr if you wanna follow me there too! and y'all know I am ALWAYS on Instagram... @minnagilligan


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  1. good luck with your work!
    love the pictures!