Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Girlfriend, our life is one of lights and shadows

Today I knew I had to venture into the city and experience some hustle and bustle, lest I disappear completely into the murky depths of my own mind and the strange, foreign place that I live, and, before I start painting on myself rather than a canvas. In light of trying to be positive I planned to go and see the David McDiarmid exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, buy art supplies (If I have to buy anymore art supplies I will legitimately go bankrupt), and meet up with two friends - Brodie for lunch and Louis for a quick pow wow and a juice.

It was really good for me to get away from my paintings, even if I should have probably been forcing something out today, at the moment I just am not feeling my current studio/bedroom situation. Just to clarify, I do have a studio in Collingwood, but because the works I'm making are so big and in great numbers, I need more space than what I have in there. It's rather ridiculous because my bedroom space is already filled with a cornucopia of junk as it, without it being a studio. In fact let's be real my life is filled with a cornucopia of junk. Today at Daiso I bought a battery operated lint remover. It's going well.

Over the past few days I have tried to make a giant pillow in the shape of a hand. Tried, and failed. I've sewn it and stuffed it and it's sitting against a big canvas looking at me as I sit in my bed and looks like a flaccid, mangled monster and it's creeping me out. I don't know if I can resurrect it into something normal looking/not nightmare inducing.

I think when a little down and out, or even just a bit stale, long hours of thinking and making art is not always progressive in terms of positive thinking, and sometimes you need to throw in the towel, or paintbrush, in this case, and talk to people and eat stuff and laugh. That's why I wanted to go out and not do much work today. The David McDiarmid exhibition was just what I needed. It was absolutely brilliant. The first room was my favourite, which housed some amazing correspondence between David and his friends, typewritten letters, drawings from sketchbooks, etc etc. I love junk like that and I can only hope that all my ephemera hoarding and sentimental bric-a-brac can have a place in a similar exhibition one day and give someone else a similar feeling, after I'm long gone.

Here are some pictures, it's getting late and I wanted to write more but I'm too tired.

I was particularly enamored with this text piece.
And this is what I wore - sans the Barbie case (I got it on the weekend at the Camberwell market) I just don't think it's super practical... ha.

Till next time!

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