Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rainbow Connection

Working on some circular-ish drawings
New art supplies
Stairway to heaven drawing
Unimpressed '60s ski lodge Queen in the laundry outfit.
David McDiarmid magnet from the National Gallery Victoria gift shop
Breakfast in Carlton by myself on Monday drinking out of a jar pretending I'm cool
Rainbow connection on Monday
Infinity drink cards for me at Westspace on Tuesday
Pamela playing at Westspace
My safari outfit combination today
I got some exciting news this week, details of which I will reveal very soon - but it's a big project I'm putting together at the same time as my upcoming exhibition at the Windsor Hotel that I think I mentioned in my last post. It is a brilliant big scary amazing opportunity that makes me quiver with excitement and also makes me quiver with fear as to how I'm going to get everything done... I've asked for some time off work leading up to the two exhibitions and know that it will all come together (not magically mind you, via some good old fashioned hard work...) But I'm just at the stage where these things seem so large and dream-like in my mind that they don't feel as though they'll ever be real. But they will. They will they will!

I had a good conversation with my Dad this morning before work about what I'm going to do for the project. I really like talking to my Dad about my 'career' most of the time because he knows what he is talking about as a creative person, as a business person, and as someone who has my best interests at heart. My family are (...pretty much) the only people I listen to for advice about my work, and, well, anything. With a lot going on at the moment, those conversations with various members of my family truly make me believe everything will be a-okay. A little bit of re-enforcement never goes astray, not that I look for it - but when it's there, I'm grateful.

Hmm. This week has been good so far. It's Thursday night now and I'm preparing for a weekend of painting painting and more painting. This week I've done a variety of things including singing at the Westspace fundraiser, rehearsal with Pamela, Sunday Funday at Sircuit to see a drag show, working, spending over my card limit on art supplies, a few glasses of wine, hand holding, giggling nervously and strange encounters.

I don't quite know how I feel at the moment, because I'm squashing my feelings in favor of thinking about my art. Experience tells me this is probably not good. Maybe there's just no space for my feelings, or maybe my feelings have been there all along disguised in what I'm making.

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  1. gah! So excited to hear the big news I just know its gonna be something awesome...