Monday, June 23, 2014

It's a peach

Peachy keen drawing
New PAM Bambi skirt (well, new to me) paired with a warm Op Shop knit, black tights and black Funkis clogs. 
Bambi in the sun (It's faux fur obviously!)
New stripy Where's Wally cotton jumper from Savers, book and fabric also from Savers.
Close up of the flowers on the above fabric. 
I wish
Cute cover
My new Copic markers came in the mail today!
Detail of my new painting! shhh!
I'm listening to the choruses of my sister's child music students singing Dancing Queen in the room downstairs. Occasionally my sister will stop to tell them off for mucking around but otherwise it's mildly enjoyable, I am a not-so-closet ABBA fan you know.

I've been working at home today, on paintings mainly, as well as quotes, emails and various stuff that I put off till the absolute last minute and then simply HAVE to do in the space of an hour or something. One of my many vices. I'm having a burger with my friends for dinner tonight which I'm looking very much forward to, in fact, I wish time were going a little faster so it were dinner time already. I often feel if days were shorter I'd get more done, because maybe I'd sort of make the most of the time I had rather than becoming complacent with the seemingly endless hours.

The painting I'm working on at the moment is facing my bed where I'm currently residing on my laptop, so literally every couple of seconds I look over at it and try to get a sense of if I even like it or not. Every time I look is another thought - it looks derivative of so-and-sos work, or I wish I didn't make that huge shape there in that colour. It's endless but I suppose that's good, on the other hand I wouldn't want to make something that I looked at and was just like "Perfect, NEXT!" because then it's like what's the point or something. Eh.

Today in the mail I received my first set of Copic markers, that I bought with a portion of my last paycheck. It's going to be a massive change to using $2 shop textas, but I'm so excited! I can always use a combination of both of course, this isn't the end of an era - but it's definitely the start of another new one. Quality materials make me feel like I'm a 'real' artist, which is a total myth but I can't deny that feeling of legitimacy.

Often when I think about colour, or I'm using colour in my work (all the time) I get a feeling of dissatisfaction or something, a feeling like there must be MORE colours, colours that no-one can even imagine, let alone even see if they did exist (maybe they're invisible to the human eye!). While I get that there's a science of colour and it's probably impossible to come up with an entirely new primary colour or something, I love the idea of it. It's like when I get to thinking about being on the moon or aliens or what the universe is or something - it's pretty much beyond comprehension. Or, I like the probably disproved theory that everyone sees colours differently, which is why we have specific colour preferences and stuff. This is how I occupy my time when I'm supposed to be getting on with actually doing a painting!

Don't have much planned for this week. I'm just going to be working on art stuff, organising stuff for art stuff and maybe a opening or two. It's strange, because as someone who craves time alone and cites it as one of my favourite past times, working on an exhibition day after day, by myself, is a little lonely. While at VCA sometimes I'd resent being interrupted or distracted by my marvelous friends, occasionally I wish for that now. I'm looking forward to moving into my new Gertrude Contemporary studio in December where there will be a bit more activity and bustle you know.


  1. I love that striped sweater and how you styled it in the photo, but more importantly...HOLY MOLY that Copic Markers set is g l o r i o u s !!! I know I will have officially "made it" when I can purchase an entire Copic Markers set, so I'm just green with envy over here. Happy drawing!

    1. Thank you!!! It will happen for you one day, I'm sure! I've waited many-a-year for this set! :D XXX