Saturday, June 14, 2014

If I Could Change Your Mind

FUN FUN combo - Romance was Born leggings and Gorman shoes - resting on some amazing fabric that I bought
Working on some more illustrations for the Rookie Yearbook. Can't wait to see it all together!
A detail of my friends Cheralyn and Gonzalo's exhibition
This has been sitting on the top of my desk pile for a week or so
Found this nice orange pair at Savers today
Knit detail on a jumper at Savers
Pattern detail on a skirt
An illustration for Rookie, for a piece about '70s funk singer Betty Davis, by Britney.
This past week I've been doing a whole bunch of logistical, boring activities that are necessary but never incredibly exciting. It's times when I have to do these tasks that I wish I had someone to just make all the calls I have to make, and present me with all my materials and surfaces to paint on and I could just sit back swirling a glass of wine (or in my case it's more likely to be orange juice or another similarly childish drink) and thinking of things to paint. Alas, this will most likely never be a reality, and if it were there would be some hidden clause that made the whole situation nowhere near as good in reality and I'd be wishing back to the days of begging for lifts with my massive canvases and ringing people I don't care to be speaking to.

Other than those few tasks, I've been at work, doing a bit of socialising after work, and working on my own stuff - illustrations, emails, etc etc. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary. Yesterday I did get a cool email, from the effervescent Kate Nash, who's work I happen to have admired since those long ago teen years. Not only is she a brilliant musician, but she has provided us with the most motivational quote in existence: "I am a bad ass bitch from hell and no-one can fuck with me" damn right. But, as it so happens, apparently Kate is a fan of *MY* work, and, blushing ensued - she's interested in purchasing some! So flattering and exciting. So that was a fun lift for the week.

I was really looking forward to today because I had the whole day to myself to do stuff. As usual, when I do have a whole day to myself, I end up sleeping in and dawdling around and doing things like washing clothes or stacking things into aesthetically piles. That was the case today, although I did get to go to Savers. Truly, in my opinion, going to Savers is the most relaxing activity in the world. I love methodically going through the racks, sussing things out - focusing only on the hunt and nothing more. I love not wearing makeup, being anonymous and slinking through the isles. Then, I love going home and browsing my purchases and stacking them on the top of my aesthetically pleasing piles... plus, what can I say, the elated feeling of a good find stays with you for days.

This week will be relatively busy - from what I can see now, anyway - Pamela is playing a gig at the Westspace Fundraiser on Tuesday night, I've got a couple of social-ish plans and of course, work. I get stressed when I can't fit in time for my art with everything else, so I'm truly going to make *sacrifices* when it comes to my own stuff. I have a new thing where I keep reiterating in my head "My work is THE most important thing" and I have to remember that. When I let it slip from 1st place to 3rd, or 4th, I feel off kilter. Number one will always be my art. Everything else must come second.


  1. WOW! that's awesome about Kate Nash wanting to buy your illustrations! I love your work for Rookie; I'm glad it's getting recognition from someone as cool as Kate Nash.


  2. Ah! I still quote "I am a bad ass bitch from hell and no-one can fuck with me" after you shared it at Rookie Day last year. I kind of say it to myself when I'm working as a dishwasher and everything just pisses me off haha.

    And that's so exciting about Kate Nash buying your work holy hell, what a compliment!!

  3. I love your leggings. At first I thought they were actually made out of granny squares which made me feel really sad for some reason because I imagined that pants made out of granny squares would be too warm and wooly for me to ever be comfortable in. My legs are really pleased that they are actually leggings because I imagine leggings would be just a bit less irritating on the skin. Also the juxtaposition of the print and the material of the fabric is really nice because to me it parallels certain juxtapositions I see within your artwork.

    Glitterous Clitoris

  4. That's SO great about Kate Nash; she is super cool and your work is super cool, so it's a perfect fit!