Monday, June 2, 2014

Cool dude

My outfit for my sister's 21st on Saturday night, new Gorman pants and Romance was Born top
A drawing from this afternoon
New socks and a new blanket
A Collage for Rookie's theme song of the month by Anna (Petra Collins' sister) and Fox!
Annoyingly snapchatting my friends every 5 minutes this weekend
I had a good/bad weekend. Friday night was brilliant, and I really had lots of fun. After work I headed to ACCA for the Douglas Gordon opening. I thought the show was really fantastic. It was the most time I'd ever spent with video works where I still enjoyed myself. I navigated the mirrored, dark and surreal space with my friends Georgia and Joe. We then headed to Kings to check out the opening there, and to meet up with more friends, YAY - Georgie and Cheralyn and Annabelle. After a quick slice of pizza at a strange and flourescent-ly lit pizza shop, we caught the bus to our friend Max's party.

I literally have not been to a party in... months. Many months. This is because I've had so much trouble with my health and stuff/work too hard/prefer the company of myself and my paper and textas... I've been terrible on the partying/nightlife front lately. It's terrible, cause I love dancing, and I love my friends, and I really want to make it more of a priority in my life. I'm young and that's what my priority is supposed to be, right? Plus, I keep buying all these clothes and have nowhere to wear them...

Anyway so I was feeling pretty good on Friday night, thus I was also feeling happy. Georgie, Annabelle, Cheralyn and I had a good dance to Max's impeccably curated tunes. It was really fun and I had a few gooooood laughs, of which I haven't had in ages.

On Saturday I was dead set on going to Gorman to spend heaps of money on clothes, because they were having a one day only 20% off sale and I had been eyeing off so much stuff.. the opportunity to not pay full price was too good to pass up. I headed there early and bought some new pants (in the first photo above), a new dress and a beanie. I will show you those soon! I've never been a beanie person but I'm obsessed with not being cold this winter, so I'm going to give it a go, why not. On Saturday I was tired but on a high from the night before and from my shopping spree! I headed home with a spring in my step even though I was carrying a very heavy bag.

On Saturday night was my sister's 21st birthday party at our house. I spent that afternoon hurriedly cleaning my studio space/bedroom before people arrived. It pretty much involved stuffing my junk under stuff and stacking my endless books into towering piles. I needn't have bothered, though, because my little 8 year old cousins and some other younger guests of the party spent their evening playing in my room with our dog Soda... opening paint tins, typing on my typewriter, going through my drawers, eating my stash of Oreos... I didn't mind though cause I love them. :)

It was a nice night, and my sister had a good time. I hung out with my family mostly, and focused on eating as much as possible because I had to stop eating at 12 midnight on Saturday, until after my day surgery procedure thingo in hospital today that I think I mentioned I had to have at some point in another blog post. It's not a big deal/nothing to worry about, but of course I was totally dreading it!

Yesterday (Sunday) I couldn't eat all day, so I was super grumpy! I slept for most of the time, watched some TV and a movie, annoyingly snapchatted my friends with selfies of me looking pathetic and sad, but generally had an average time. I was up all night last night, uncomfortable, HUNGRY and counting down till the morning when I could go to the hospital.

Mum took me in and I was admitted at about 8.30am. Unfortunately I then had to wait like, 3 hours, until I actually went IN in, and had the anesthetic. I was rather delirious and grumpy and just complained to my Mum for the whole waiting time, or talked about the food that I wanted to eat. Number one on my list was a Cheesymite scroll. I reckoned I was that hungry I could eat it in two bites.

Anyway so finally I was wheeled in, and annoyed the anesthetist by asking ten thousand questions (I've never had an anesthetic before!) They initially tried to put the needle in my hand, but it didn't work and hurt like HELL. Then, the last thing I remember was him getting it in the crook of my elbow and I was totally and completely out of it. It's a really odd experience, having a totally blank period of time. I couldn't believe it was over when I woke up in the recovery room. It was so surreal!

Mum picked me up and took me home, and even bought me a much sought after Cheesymite scroll from Bakers Delight. Once I got home I was just a bit tired and woozy, but definitely up for eating. My hand is super sore, swollen and bruised where they couldn't get the drip in, but that's the worst thing, so I'm pretty happy! I am SO glad it's over!

Gonna have a rest day at home tomorrow then get back into life stuff on Wednesday! I hope this post wasn't too boorrring, (I'm sure it was!) Hoping to have more exciting things to talk about this week :)

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  1. I loooooove everything you're wearing in this post!