Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cry Baby/Keep Smilin'

Amazing Girl Scout/Girl Guide blanket from the 1980s at Savers
Terrible/good coaster
Lusting over a lighthouse
The most Wes Anderson-ish book I've ever bought
Rather mindless doodles
Nothing much to report tonight! I've been busy the past couple of days working on a bunch of last minute stuff for Rookie. I kind of actually love having like, a few hours to turn something around, I get a kick out of it and, like everyone, it's usually how I make my most interesting (not necessarily best!) work.

Other than that I've been in the office at work work, I gave my dog a bath, uhm... I told you there wasn't much to report. I was featured on the Instagram blog today, actually, you can see it here: I got to mention my favourite instagrammers! I chose my buddies Petra Collins @petrafcollins, Brodie Lancaster @filmmefatales, Beci Orpin @beciorpin, and, my favourite Instagram account @thefamilyacid, which is a family's personal archive of photos from the 1960s-1980s. I would definitely recommend a follow.

I've started thinking seriously about my next upcoming exhibition, which is going to be held in a hotel room in the city in August. The whole idea really, really excites me. I feel happiest when I can think about my work right in the forefront of my mind, with nothing else pressing or vying for space and attention. This does not happen organically often, that is, I have to learn how to make it happen. I am getting better at being able to stack and shuffle things in my mind from importance to insignificance. Sometimes it's easy, other time it's impossible.

I'm going to totally inhabit the hotel room. My mind is going crazy with the possibilities. My problem though is that I can get stuck thinking so much about a whole bunch of brilliant things to do but not beginning with enough time to actually do them. I need to be way more organised with my realities. I get so caught up in fantasy.

Here are the two pieces of mine that went up on Rookie today:

To accompany a piece on The Fault in Our Stars by Hazel

The above illustration I made to accompany a very important article on Rookie today by Nigerian activist Foyeke Oyedokun. You can read the article here: Foyeke reminds us that the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls have been missing now for OVER A MONTH, and how it's still super important to continue pressuring media and governments to fight for their freedom.

I'll admit that sometimes to me, it feels like the 'hashtag cause' kind of thing is perhaps a little irreverent. But, ultimately it is a successful and powerful way to have our voices heard globally, and to raise awareness about things we feel passionately or care about. This is why I encourage you to post the above illustration of mine on whatever social media you choose with the hashtag #bringbackourgirls. I made the illustration bright and colourful to catch people's eyes, to make people want to share it, and ultimately to be symbolic of hope and positivity.

Till next time X

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  1. I love that photo of your hand behind the smiley stickers, it's so surreal - it looks like photoshop but I guess it's not. I really enjoy reading your updates because they're so conversational, like chatting with a friend.

    Your points on social media activism are really good too. I never talk about political stuff on social media - it's kind of a, what's my voice going to add to this conversation anyway? kind of thing, but you're right, of course, that even just spreading awareness helps.

    Thanks for a good read <3