Friday, April 18, 2014

We be all night

Soaking up the last of the sunshine in my studio 
I bought these pants in Lorne, I LOVE them. They are Milk and Thistle. The shoes are Opening Ceremony and I thought the pair together made me look much like a golfer.
New books from the Op Shop
Detail of my studio wall
New posters from the local Op Shop, I now have my own '70s 'hang in there kitty' poster WOO
Patriotic for the USA in the local Op Shop
I've been spending a fair amount of time in my studio the past week, and it's been really really nice. In fact all of the above photos (except the one of my feet and the glass) were taken in my studio. The light is so amazingly bright in there because we never got around to installing curtains. When it's sunny it literally is like being outside, and I often find myself wearing my sunglasses inside at my desk which sounds ridiculous but is not, trust me.

I've been a bit elusive lately, haven't been to many openings or made appearances in group situations. I've caught up with a few people one on one, which is nice, actually. The change in weather has been bothering me a little, mainly that it's getting dark so so early. I enjoy autumn for days like Thursday where it was 24 and sunny and absolutely beautiful, but every day we get like that, feels like the last or something, and so there's a sadness in the air. Winter is kind of like an impending doom for me, I don't like to have to look towards cooler weather. I'm so jealous of everyone in the Northern Hemisphere who are now enjoying Spring and posting subsequent photos in Instagram. Sigh!

I had a busy day yesterday - work, then to a meeting after work and then to my Nanna's birthday dinner. Today, being Good Friday, has been the total opposite. I had the day off work which was amazing and much looked forward to, and all I wanted to do was go to Savers as I haven't been in ages. Other than like, sleeping, I find going to Savers to be one of the most relaxing things to do with my time. It's just about the endless browsing and the sort of methodical nature of the browsing that I love. BUT. Because today was Good Friday Savers wasn't open, literally the only day it's not open in the whole year other than Christmas day. So, boo! Then I was going to go into the studio and work but it was raining, and, well, I couldn't be bothered, so I ended up working at home. It was nice actually but dare I say it, a little bit boring! I never know what I want. Whenever I'm really busy all I wanna do is hang out at home, and vice versa. Ha ha. What I want is to want what I already have. Ya know!?

This is a rather odd post as I'm not really sure what it's even about. I think I might actually like, 'go out' tomorrow night, like go out and be social on a Saturday night. This is exceptionally rare for me. Gonna spend some more time mulling it over. Right now, I just turned on the TV for some company and I'm incredibly frustrated as this renovation show that is tearing down literally the most perfect 1970s bathroom, with green palm leaf tiles and fittings and a brown frosted glass shower door and it's like my dream and they're destroying it beyond recognition into a hideous cheapo ikea bathroom and it's saaaad :(

Hmm okay better wrap this up before I get more off track... Gonna leave y'all with this interview I did for Good Good Girl: I'm actually really happy with it, probably the most I've ever divulged in an interview, maybe. Anyway read it if ya want, the website is really fantastic - Melbourne based, feminist minded, funnnn :) See ya later X

Also oh yeah I have been workin on stuff for Rookie Yearbook 3 - these are some backgrounds I did today


  1. ooooh i totally get you, i am in that mindset of being so independent it's almost like you forget to do things with other people! sometimes company is good! going to check out that article now.. love all your interviews!

    1. Thanks Eleanor! I know, I have to remind myself to hang out with people, ha, not one of my best qualities!
      XX Minna

  2. I love your trousers and I have serious hair envy! your locks are p e r f e c t i o n

    can't wait for the new Rookie Yearbook


    1. Thank you so much!! I know I am excited for the new Rookie Yearbook too hehe ;))) xxx

  3. i've really enjoyed seeing all the vintage books, posters and paper you keep around your studio- it makes me want to search for my own treasure when op shopping <3

    1. Thanks Adele, I'm so glad you enjoy the photos! It's much messier in real life though, haha :)

  4. You've about summed up my relationship with Savers. I'm forever waking up well into the afternoon, and finding myself wanting to go to Savers at three in the morning. There is this Salvos by my house that is always closed whenever I go there and it makes me so angry. Even though it bugs me that everything is closed on Good Friday, it is still kinda cool to have all these spaces that are usually filled with people completely empty so early in the day. There aren't many other times when it happens and it feels very surreal.

    Glitterous Clitoris

    1. Haha totally - I always have urges to go to Savers at inappropriate times like when I'm at work and can't go :( It's probably for the best though as I would buy way too many things!! It is nice to have that space on Good Friday and other public holidays where nothing's open, it is refreshing and rather relaxing I suppose!
      thanks for your comment :) XXX Minna

  5. Argh I think we were watching the same reno. Pretty sure it's the show with Amanda Keller on 10. I was so sad, they didn't keep a single original 70's feature. Boo :-(