Wednesday, April 23, 2014

To measure the soul/Pamela EP

I've been busy scheming and planning with members of the band I'm in 'PAMELA', organising our EP launch, which will be next Tuesday evening. I'm really excited about it, we designed the album art together (It will be unveiled on the night, he he) so, naturally it looks great, and it even sounds great! We are really modest musicians (ego is not a dirty word) you guys. I'm deciding on an outfit at the moment. I know that I want to debut my super special Miu Miu leather jacket (see here) and maybe with that I should go something simple. Such in depth ruminations. I also have to redecorate my tambourine because the collage I had on it before is peeling off and I kind of want something new and shiny stuck on there to go with my jacket. I'll keep you updated. Now what you've been waiting for, all the details incase you wanna come along - you should, if you want to. Everyone's welcome, it's free and will be pretty low-fi and fun :) The Facebook event is here:

And, here's the invite:

Other stuff is that I went out on Saturday night, can you believe it. I know Saturday night was a while ago now, but I definitely need to write about it here to prove I actually did it. I just met up with a friend for a drink at Panama on Smith Street, then Japanese for dinner and then more drinks at Kent St on Smith Street. Okay, so not exactly clubbing till all hours but still, I was not cooped up looking at books published 40 years ago and making weird little drawings on my bed. And, what do you know, I had fun!

Because it was the Easter weekend I had a few family things happening too, which was really relaxing (most of the time)! Sunday was great, we all went to my Nanna's house for Easter lunch and I was in charge of the Easter Egg hunt for my little cousins. They are obsessed with Loom bands so I hid some of those as well as Easter eggs and it was fun watching their excitement and smiles. My Aunty also set up a pinata with Easter Eggs in it, so we all went out into the street to have a whack!

Me (top left) Twin cousin #1 (top right) twin cousin #2 (bottom left) my sister (bottom right)
Easter table by my Aunty

Today on Rookie I had a piece go up that I wrote about Psychometry. You can read it here :)

Illustration by me from my piece on Rookie
Illustration by me from my piece on Rookie
On the note of psychometry - here are some of my "finds" from the past few days:

Sesame Street '70s album 
Killer picture in a '70s Craft book!
Pleasure AND profit? I'm in the wrong profession!
Low tech game at Savers
Oh and one last "find" an old work of mine from 2011. Something had been spilled on it and all the colours have run. I really like it :)