Thursday, April 3, 2014

Heavy Heads

Today was one of those days where I would have given anything, anything to stay in bed and watch comfort movies like Breakfast at Tiffany's or Almost Famous or some amazingly terrible Elvis film from my Elvis film box set. I've come down with a cold, it was raining, dark and wintery outdoors. As usual though, I trudged out of bed, showered, ate cereal, and got dressed to catch my train to work. On the way I entertained myself by thinking up all the situations I would rather partake in than sitting in the office all day. Stuff like - would I give up a finger on my left hand if I could stay in bed today? One minute you almost think you would but you catch how ridiculous that is and laugh.

I like my job but for the aforementioned reasons (blocked nose, headache, rain, cold etc) it was last on my to do list today. I get so grumpy when I am sick, and tend to want to hide alone until I can breathe through my nose again but what with being an adult with responsibilities and all, this is not always possible. Anyway.

I've actually had a good beginning to the week until this cold took a hold of me. I spent Monday hanging out at home, becoming the reigning queen of my Inbox once again. I am truly terrible at replying to emails, and when I have a real solid session of doing so I feel like I can conquer the world. Tuesday I worked in the studio and it was a super hot day (in stark contrast to today) so I was melting up there, probably for the last time until next summer I reckon, so I tried not to complain too much. A friend came to visit and I took them to my favourite Smith Street daggy haunt that does $4 beers and good/cheap food. It was really nice to sit out in the sun on old mission brown '70s school chairs and have a drink in the afternoon, it's not something I make a habit of and it was very relaxing.

Last night a friend of mine Annabelle was in an exhibition at Slopes, also in Collingwood, so after work I met up with my friends Georgie and Georgia for a drink at Panama on Smith Street which was very adult and civilised. It's this place on the 3rd story of a building so you can look down onto all the people walking past on the street, through some oak leaves of a big old tree. It's really nice.

Then my cold and subsequently the grumps came on, blah blah. Ups and downs all the time with me. I don't have anything planned for tonight, so I PLAN to get into bed early and try to sleep this thing off! (Read - watch a really good bad TV show like Tattoo Nightmares)

Rainy rainy shoe/sock combo
My friend Georgia bought this work off me and had it framed by her friend Ben, it think it looks amazing!
Bell-sleeved baby in the public bathroom

A bad habit of mine, using covers of books and magazines as palettes...

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  1. where are those socks from! blog is consistently great :)