Wednesday, April 23, 2014

To measure the soul/Pamela EP

I've been busy scheming and planning with members of the band I'm in 'PAMELA', organising our EP launch, which will be next Tuesday evening. I'm really excited about it, we designed the album art together (It will be unveiled on the night, he he) so, naturally it looks great, and it even sounds great! We are really modest musicians (ego is not a dirty word) you guys. I'm deciding on an outfit at the moment. I know that I want to debut my super special Miu Miu leather jacket (see here) and maybe with that I should go something simple. Such in depth ruminations. I also have to redecorate my tambourine because the collage I had on it before is peeling off and I kind of want something new and shiny stuck on there to go with my jacket. I'll keep you updated. Now what you've been waiting for, all the details incase you wanna come along - you should, if you want to. Everyone's welcome, it's free and will be pretty low-fi and fun :) The Facebook event is here:

And, here's the invite:

Other stuff is that I went out on Saturday night, can you believe it. I know Saturday night was a while ago now, but I definitely need to write about it here to prove I actually did it. I just met up with a friend for a drink at Panama on Smith Street, then Japanese for dinner and then more drinks at Kent St on Smith Street. Okay, so not exactly clubbing till all hours but still, I was not cooped up looking at books published 40 years ago and making weird little drawings on my bed. And, what do you know, I had fun!

Because it was the Easter weekend I had a few family things happening too, which was really relaxing (most of the time)! Sunday was great, we all went to my Nanna's house for Easter lunch and I was in charge of the Easter Egg hunt for my little cousins. They are obsessed with Loom bands so I hid some of those as well as Easter eggs and it was fun watching their excitement and smiles. My Aunty also set up a pinata with Easter Eggs in it, so we all went out into the street to have a whack!

Me (top left) Twin cousin #1 (top right) twin cousin #2 (bottom left) my sister (bottom right)
Easter table by my Aunty

Today on Rookie I had a piece go up that I wrote about Psychometry. You can read it here :)

Illustration by me from my piece on Rookie
Illustration by me from my piece on Rookie
On the note of psychometry - here are some of my "finds" from the past few days:

Sesame Street '70s album 
Killer picture in a '70s Craft book!
Pleasure AND profit? I'm in the wrong profession!
Low tech game at Savers
Oh and one last "find" an old work of mine from 2011. Something had been spilled on it and all the colours have run. I really like it :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

We be all night

Soaking up the last of the sunshine in my studio 
I bought these pants in Lorne, I LOVE them. They are Milk and Thistle. The shoes are Opening Ceremony and I thought the pair together made me look much like a golfer.
New books from the Op Shop
Detail of my studio wall
New posters from the local Op Shop, I now have my own '70s 'hang in there kitty' poster WOO
Patriotic for the USA in the local Op Shop
I've been spending a fair amount of time in my studio the past week, and it's been really really nice. In fact all of the above photos (except the one of my feet and the glass) were taken in my studio. The light is so amazingly bright in there because we never got around to installing curtains. When it's sunny it literally is like being outside, and I often find myself wearing my sunglasses inside at my desk which sounds ridiculous but is not, trust me.

I've been a bit elusive lately, haven't been to many openings or made appearances in group situations. I've caught up with a few people one on one, which is nice, actually. The change in weather has been bothering me a little, mainly that it's getting dark so so early. I enjoy autumn for days like Thursday where it was 24 and sunny and absolutely beautiful, but every day we get like that, feels like the last or something, and so there's a sadness in the air. Winter is kind of like an impending doom for me, I don't like to have to look towards cooler weather. I'm so jealous of everyone in the Northern Hemisphere who are now enjoying Spring and posting subsequent photos in Instagram. Sigh!

I had a busy day yesterday - work, then to a meeting after work and then to my Nanna's birthday dinner. Today, being Good Friday, has been the total opposite. I had the day off work which was amazing and much looked forward to, and all I wanted to do was go to Savers as I haven't been in ages. Other than like, sleeping, I find going to Savers to be one of the most relaxing things to do with my time. It's just about the endless browsing and the sort of methodical nature of the browsing that I love. BUT. Because today was Good Friday Savers wasn't open, literally the only day it's not open in the whole year other than Christmas day. So, boo! Then I was going to go into the studio and work but it was raining, and, well, I couldn't be bothered, so I ended up working at home. It was nice actually but dare I say it, a little bit boring! I never know what I want. Whenever I'm really busy all I wanna do is hang out at home, and vice versa. Ha ha. What I want is to want what I already have. Ya know!?

This is a rather odd post as I'm not really sure what it's even about. I think I might actually like, 'go out' tomorrow night, like go out and be social on a Saturday night. This is exceptionally rare for me. Gonna spend some more time mulling it over. Right now, I just turned on the TV for some company and I'm incredibly frustrated as this renovation show that is tearing down literally the most perfect 1970s bathroom, with green palm leaf tiles and fittings and a brown frosted glass shower door and it's like my dream and they're destroying it beyond recognition into a hideous cheapo ikea bathroom and it's saaaad :(

Hmm okay better wrap this up before I get more off track... Gonna leave y'all with this interview I did for Good Good Girl: I'm actually really happy with it, probably the most I've ever divulged in an interview, maybe. Anyway read it if ya want, the website is really fantastic - Melbourne based, feminist minded, funnnn :) See ya later X

Also oh yeah I have been workin on stuff for Rookie Yearbook 3 - these are some backgrounds I did today

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Penny for your thoughts

I've been down at the beach for the weekend with my family. My Mum, sister, Aunty, other Aunty, two cousins and my Nanna went together for a *girl's weekend*, not one where you do like beauty stuff and go to a spa but like just one where we spend time together talking and doing relaxing stuff like playing this board game called Blokus. I headed down to meet everyone there after work on Friday, catching the VLine train to Geelong and then the VLine bus to Lorne. At first it was an unpleasant experience because the tram I caught on the way to catch my train broke down, and we weren't allowed to get off because we hadn't reached a tram stop. I had literally minutes to make my train, and I had to make that PARTICULAR train because it linked up with the last bus of the day to Lorne, so, as usual, I was a little flustered. Anyway just incase you were all really worried, I made the train with like, seconds to spare, and sat down across an immaculately presented elderly lady who proceeded to stare at me, twitching, for the entire trip. It was rather disconcerting. I love train travel, but this trip wasn't one of the best. I did have a sushi roll though so that was pretty exciting.

The bus was waiting at Geelong station to take me down the Great Ocean Road. It was getting dark, raining, and I just wanted to get there as quickly as possible. I nabbed a seat on the bus next to a window, because a window seat is absolute priority for me when traveling as it is ideal for distance staring and pretending to be in some movie about being on the road or whatever. It REALLY started raining as we pulled out, and the streets of Geelong were deserted of people. I look at each house we pass and think "I could live in that house" when I see retro era immaculately maintained home with oddly trimmed hedges out the front. And I think about which pastel colour I'd paint the exterior or how I'd have my bedroom.

The trip on the bus from Geelong to Lorne takes a bit over an hour. There are a few stops along the way, but not many. As it began to truly get dark, and after making a few of those stops in what I could make out as Torquay and Anglesea, the crowd on the eerily lit bus had thinned out to consist of me, a balding middle aged man, and a frail looking elderly lady. The bus driver was in his late 60s, and as he hurtled along the beginnings of the Great Ocean Road I began to descend into no place.

No place is like, the overwhelming feeling that you could be anywhere. It's a feeling of freedom, not disorientation, a place where your imagination could very well be reality. I love it. It was pitch dark on Friday night with only a tiny sliver of a moon. It was raining heavily and the clouds were close above our heads. Although I've driven along the Great Ocean Road to Lorne like, maybe even one hundred times before, I couldn't for the life of me make out where I was. The bus was traveling at quite a speed, and if I hadn't been sure I'd boarded a vehicle with wheels at Geelong we could have even been flying, maybe somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. I put Bob Dylan on my headphones for old time's sake and played 'Ballad of a Thin Man' which happens to remind me quite viscerally of sitting in the Starbucks on the corner of Lexington Ave and East 34th Street in New York. Time slowed down and the blackness of outside made the reflection of the buses interior very clear so I could look into my own eyes for some company.

I had a great weekend, it was really relaxing and I even had a chance to go to the hairdressers and get my hair cut. I haven't been to the hairdressers in over 3 years, because I had taken to cutting my hair myself which is rather ridiculous only when you find that it's about 2 inches longer at the back than at the front. I would never have made it to the hairdressers if I was in Melbourne, so I was so pleased to get that out of the way. I just got a trim, of course, but I'm really happy with it.

As for the rest of my week pre-beach holiday post-the last time I blogged here, nothing much has happened apart from one strange little occurrence. I woke up on Friday morning and checked my Instagram to find like, a few hundred new followers, which is odd because they appeared to have come from nowhere (maybe "no place"). Anyway after some sleuthing I realised that one particular new follower was causing this crazy amount of traffic to my profile. Instagram followed me on Instagram. Apparently they do that when they add you to their 'Suggested Users' list, of which I will be on for a week-ish. I had 6000 followers on Instagram on Thursday, and now, not even 3 days later, I have more than doubled that amount to 13000. It is overwhelming to say the least!

As usual, everything and nothing is happening at the same time. I'm sitting here alone watching Seinfeld and typing this, procrastinating replying to emails and messages - while the internet me is gaining new *friends* each second. It's an extremely odd dichotomy.

Being a '50s greaser

My 'HELLO' post to all my new followers in Instagram!

This is an awesome barbie toy that was my Mum's when she was little. A miniature record player. I love it!

My cousins, my sister and I in a hilarious photobooth at the Lorne pub
Distant family members in the ocean. It was a perfect Autumn day today, but too cold for me to swim! 
Terry towel ice-cream in the op-shop. 
Flower power oven mit
A light holiday read by the looks of it

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Doing things differently

I have had officially the laziest Tuesday ever today. I had plans to catch up with a friend and work in my studio, but when I woke up, I still felt really average from this lingering lingering forever cold and have stayed home in and around my bed. It's been great actually, I needed a nothing day, and I'm glad I made the decision this morning to do so. I've just been doing really low maintenance and fun work cutting out images and putting little collages together, and, I may have had a nap...

I thought I'd make the most of having this time on my hands and finally post about the collaborative piece that Tavi and I had published in the UK based It's Nice That print magazine, Printed Pages, and then a video project we worked on to accompany the piece for Nowness. I was asked to have a *conversation* with Tavi about "doing things differently" by the editors at It's Nice That in January this year. We spoke over g-chat while I was on a mini summer holiday with my family in Lorne. At the time I had just been through a break-up and was having trouble with my health, but after speaking with the bright and sparkly Tavi I really felt a significant shade better. I am proud of the piece, and couldn't have thought of anyone more brilliant to have collaborated with it on. I was also commissioned to make the illustrations for the piece, which was a lot of fun.

This is the cover of the magazine. I think the thing I was most excited about was my name being on the front, ha ha.

These are the illustrations that I made for the article.

Then we did a short video interview for Nowness, something to accompany the initial conversation and to elaborate on some of the stuff we discussed.

It was a really fun project and Printed Pages is a really quality publication. It's beautiful and heavy and has a lot of other fantastic articles, including interviews with gallery invigilators from various big deal art galleries around the world. If you want to get a copy and you live in Melbourne, Magnation stocks the magazine, however I was told they're getting this current edition in stock in April. As far as I know it's not there yet, so you might wanna call and bug them about it before going in just incase. Obviously it's stocked in good news-agents in the UK, but anywhere else in the world I don't know, but I do know that you can buy it online so maybe that's the way to go! Plus you'll get to wait for a package in the mail woo hoo.

Anyway now I can tell you what else I've been doing with my life. I went to a couple of openings on the weekend, one on Friday night which was really fun because all my friends were there, and another on Saturday afternoon with my friend Georgia, after we had been to the Pet Shop Girls sale and bought clothes YAY. Sunday I headed to the Camberwell market with my Mum and my sister, which was nice, although I tend to get really frustrated with people who do the *market walk* which is like walk reallllly excruciatingly slowly right in the middle of the pathway and are oblivious to anyone around them. They often stop in the middle of the pathway too and at this point I like explode from pent up rage. I bought some cool stuff though including a few copies of '70s Vogue Australia.

The Vogue magazines I bought from the Camberwell market. All from 1970 except the top left which is 1973.
My new Ne-net sweater dress from the Pet shop girls sale and OK OK tie-dye tights
Mia Farrow on my desk
A cute French Bambi postcard I bought at the Camberwell market
Some '70s Derwents at at stall at the Camberwell Market 
More stuff I bought at the Pet Shop Girls sale! 
Working on some potential sticker designs for Rookie Yearbook 3!
I found this image today, it was particularly apt as it was also how I happened to be looking and feeling!
Tomorrow I have an early morning, I have to pop into my studio before I go to work. Till next time :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Heavy Heads

Today was one of those days where I would have given anything, anything to stay in bed and watch comfort movies like Breakfast at Tiffany's or Almost Famous or some amazingly terrible Elvis film from my Elvis film box set. I've come down with a cold, it was raining, dark and wintery outdoors. As usual though, I trudged out of bed, showered, ate cereal, and got dressed to catch my train to work. On the way I entertained myself by thinking up all the situations I would rather partake in than sitting in the office all day. Stuff like - would I give up a finger on my left hand if I could stay in bed today? One minute you almost think you would but you catch how ridiculous that is and laugh.

I like my job but for the aforementioned reasons (blocked nose, headache, rain, cold etc) it was last on my to do list today. I get so grumpy when I am sick, and tend to want to hide alone until I can breathe through my nose again but what with being an adult with responsibilities and all, this is not always possible. Anyway.

I've actually had a good beginning to the week until this cold took a hold of me. I spent Monday hanging out at home, becoming the reigning queen of my Inbox once again. I am truly terrible at replying to emails, and when I have a real solid session of doing so I feel like I can conquer the world. Tuesday I worked in the studio and it was a super hot day (in stark contrast to today) so I was melting up there, probably for the last time until next summer I reckon, so I tried not to complain too much. A friend came to visit and I took them to my favourite Smith Street daggy haunt that does $4 beers and good/cheap food. It was really nice to sit out in the sun on old mission brown '70s school chairs and have a drink in the afternoon, it's not something I make a habit of and it was very relaxing.

Last night a friend of mine Annabelle was in an exhibition at Slopes, also in Collingwood, so after work I met up with my friends Georgie and Georgia for a drink at Panama on Smith Street which was very adult and civilised. It's this place on the 3rd story of a building so you can look down onto all the people walking past on the street, through some oak leaves of a big old tree. It's really nice.

Then my cold and subsequently the grumps came on, blah blah. Ups and downs all the time with me. I don't have anything planned for tonight, so I PLAN to get into bed early and try to sleep this thing off! (Read - watch a really good bad TV show like Tattoo Nightmares)

Rainy rainy shoe/sock combo
My friend Georgia bought this work off me and had it framed by her friend Ben, it think it looks amazing!
Bell-sleeved baby in the public bathroom

A bad habit of mine, using covers of books and magazines as palettes...