Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm about seventeen I guess

Totally and completely obsessed with this Jonathan Richman song right now:

It's just so simple and sweet in its sentimentality. Brilliant. The whole album is to die for really, but 'Just About Seventeen' is my favourite, then 'It's You'. Sigh!

Yesterday was a fun day, the beautiful sun was shining but not too warmly and just warm enough. I had lunch in the city and rehearsal with Pamela in the afternoon at Georgie's place, before a gig that evening at a place called Discobeans in Preston. It was really fun and if I do say so myself, I think we did a really good set. I always harp on about this, but I really ENJOY singing. It's so fun, especially with my friends Georgie and Jon to have a laugh with while we do it. The key is not taking yourself too seriously. I want to write another song for our band, I need to dedicate some time to doing so! I started writing one about Easey Street but never finished it. Maybe I'll pick that up again.

The beginning of the weekend, Friday and Saturday were rather uneventful. Dirty Dancing was on TV on Saturday night and that was absolutely brilliant. It brought back hilarious memories of being sweet 16 going on 17 and doing my debutante ball thing with my boyfriend at the time. We had to learn the most daggy of all dances to perform, and one of the dances was to the song '(I've Had) The Time Of My Life'. We did some dumbed down version of the Cha Cha and whenever I listen to 'Time Of My Life' now, it literally transports me back to those dancing lessons where I'd start laughing uncontrollably over something silly and make faces at my friend dancing with her partner across the room. When 'Time Of My Life' plays through and it gets to the part where it goes "JUST REMEMBER...", in my head I automatically repeat the dance steps that were drilled into us - "right left, cha cha cha - right left cha cha cha". I truly think I will harbour that affliction for my entire life like when I'm listening to a super super oldies radio station when I'm 75 I'll still be going "right left, cha cha cha" in my head, it's one of those things that's going to stick.

Anyway as exciting as that all is I'm going to move on. Had a relatively productive day today emailing and writing notes and perhaps watching a little TV. I also popped in to Savers for a change. I've been finding some amazing books there lately, really pleased with the latest additions to my collection.

Here are some pictures yo

Pretending to be productive by placing things in aesthetically pleasing piles

Bionic Woman was overpriced at Savers so I didn't buy it - pages were falling out etc. It was sort of to die for though so took a sneaky pic of the cover.

Some stuff I was working on today

I bought the most amazing pair of pants from the Acne pop up outlet store thing on Gertrude Street. It is way too convenient for me so I POP in all the time...

Mushroom oven grabber thing

Groovy florals on a skirt

Got these four amazing books on Saturday.

I love my new Witu circle tote made out of wetsuit material. I've never had a statement bag until now so I'm very lucky!

Scrapbookin' on the weekend
This was a photo of some of my collage works laying out for the studio visit I mentioned last week with a curator and my gallerist. It went really well, yay!
Also funny story as a last minute anecdote, speaking of singing I guess... I had a lucid dream last night, (I've been having them more often, it's amazing) and I was in a park and sort of floating around looking at all the beautiful things and I decided I wanted to like do a performance so I got up with a microphone in front of friends of mine who happened to be there and consciously decided to sing 'You're So Vain', I woke up and found that very funny. Son of a gun. I do know every single word off by heart forever and also the secret of its meaning, but shhh.

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