Saturday, March 8, 2014

Autumn again

Okay I want to write like a really poignant blog post but for some reason no brilliant prize winning idea is coming to me just because I'm willing it to. No nuthin'. I've been writing stuff for like *work* all afternoon, and now when it comes to my like, recreational writing, I'm spent. At the moment I'm also watching Jaws 3, which is an infinitely terrible movie, I don't even think it's terrible in a good way. That said I'm only like half way through and I haven't seen anyone get mauled by a shark yet so we'll see. This is my Saturday night. I am not a cool person.

I did go out last night though, albeit briefly, to a couple of openings after work. I was really into my outfit because for once in my life, I actually dressed appropriately for the weather, and I got to wear my new Gorman dress and my new burnt orange coloured trench coat that I got from Savers. I also wore my blue gingham Opening Ceremony shoes and it felt great. The orange on the Gorman dress print matched the coat too perfectly, it was a thing of beauty I tell you. And, the colours were so rich and autumny. It's warm enough not to wear tights yet, so I could go bare legged (is that a thing?) and it was perfect perfect.

On Monday night I'm going to see John Waters with my friend Brodie. I'm so excited! I'm hoping that I get to meet him afterwards, as I think he usually does like book signings and stuff! I bought Cry Baby on DVD so I can watch it tomorrow to get in the mood. Yeehaw!

Will post again soon, this one is lacking in substance and just about everything else... ah but actually I just wanted to let you know that remarkably Jaws 3 improves.


  1. Don't worry your defs a cool person Minna- I work both Friday and Saturday nights
    I can't wait for Autumn weather to really set in too, should bring an interesting quality to your art

  2. Minna your wardrobe make me wanna be a successful artist recluse who fondles her mohair coats to sleep in some 16th century Sumerian palace and subsist on a diet of exotic potato chips or something. That is to say, I really like your outfit.