Thursday, January 16, 2014

Your love is like a heat wave (or some other more obscure heat wave referencing song lyric)

It's hot and yeah I am one of those people who talks about the weather which some may think is terribly pedestrian but I don't care. I find it quite interesting because it's a rare thing that unites people you know, everyone feels hot in the heat wave, everyone feels cold in winter or wet if it's raining or um just comfortable or whatever. WE ARE ALL ONE you know don't forget it. It's so hot though like really hot, hot hot like unbearable hot. In the car today the temperature gauge said 56 degrees (celsius) and okay, so it probably wasn't quite 56 outside (I think it was 56 in the hot car), but it was up there like when you just take a step outside and you're already sweating and the air is really close to you and it's like a furnace. I like the weather when it's warm, I love it, but when it's heat wave hot, I don't like it at all. Mum always says I'm a weak little petal but I just can't cope with the heat. It's exhausting.

We only have one more day of the heat wave now, hooray! And I was allowed to stay home from work today, but I have to go in tomorrow and I'm kind of dreading catching public transport. Boo. And you should see me when I go 'out', I have really fair, freckled skin so generally I have to lather sunscreen on every single square inch, but I'm on antibiotics at the moment that have a warning on the label that the medication makes you way more UV light sensitive, so I like dart into patches of shade and carry with me a litre water bottle and wear like a visor. (Okay I don't wear a visor). But you get the idea.

Last night I went out for a drive with my Dad and my sister with all the windows down and my hand out the window. It was great actually. I also have a little kid pool thing set up in the front yard and sitting in that for brief periods is also good. Ultimately I want to be heat wave chic and have drinks with little umbrellas in them, be permanently in like a '50s style bathing suit and my cat-eye glasses lazing on a pink plastic banana lounge with not a bead of sweat on my brow. That is not and will never be the case but a girl can dream.

I told you I liked to talk about the weather. Anyway today I went to Spotlight and bought a rainbow piƱata. I kind of want to include it in my upcoming show butttt then again that's like an idea I would have had in second year or something so I don't know. It's pretty anyway so I can always put it up in my room if I decide not to use it. I also wanted to get one of those tinsel curtain things in gold (I have one in silver) but they didn't have any. How exciting is my existence? Now photos:

Cool camouflage fabric at Spotlight
Melting fake flowers
Mixed lollies when we went down to the Milk Bar to get icy poles
Dreamboat Annie stares at me from the wall opposite my bed as I melt
Me and my rainbow pinata at Spotlight 
Rainbow pom poms
Drawing in progress from the other night
I ordered some swap cards from Ebay for my swap card collection, and received them in the post the other day. These are they:

The best thing about the parcel though, was the card that the seller put the swap cards in:

I just love weird junk like that. I will keep this and treasure it probably more than the actual swap cards. It's hilarious!

I was at work yesterday and we exchanged belated Christmas presents. My boss bought me this amazing book called Art/Fashion in the 21st Century by Mitchell Oakley Smith and Alison Kubler. It's really brilliant. I've said here before that I feel like fashion will at some point play a major part in my career - or something along those lines. I really have a legitimate interest in it so this was such a great gift. Here are some of my favourite spreads:

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton with artwork by Yayoi Kusama ^^^
Elle Fanning photographed by Bill Owens wearing Rodarte Spring/Summer 2012 for A Magazine Curated by Rodarte
Marni: Richard Prince, Gary Hume and Claude Caillol
Harmony Korine photographed by Juergen Teller for Marc Jacobs, Spring/Summer
That's all for now!


  1. I'm one of those people who's just like, "How droll - people discussing the weather." Then when there is a 1 degree variation I'm like "Gee, do you feel how hot/cold it is! WTF man?" Such is life. Also, melting flowers is one of the most METAL combinations of words if seen in a while. Ugh your life is so colorful.

  2. Its DELICATE little petal. Never weak.

  3. the most recent work you showed in this post looks great!
    also, totally relate to you on the hot weather vibes