Thursday, January 9, 2014

Heart of Glass

New 2014 scrapbook begins.
In my studio on Tuesday
Flower power stickers
An illustration by me for Rookie, to accompany Tavi's interview with Lorde!
Another illustration for Rookie to accompany Amber's piece on Mariah Carey's 'Vision of Love'.
Started a new painting today, this is the first layer of spray. I've since worked on it more and am less enthused with it.
Okay so I said that New Year's resolutions are for suckers but I guess I'm a sucker because there are some changes that I do want to make that I have been thinking about over the past few days. I really want to be more social. It's so, so easy for me to stay home by myself all the time. I love it, I do work, blog, listen to music, think, think, write, buy crap online, whatever. In many ways my penchant for staying home and doing my own thing has contributed to many of the things that I now treasure in life, like my involvement in Rookie, having and maintaining my blog and the way my art practice has evolved. But, as usual, I want the best of both worlds - I want connections with people, friendships, jokes, relationships, invitations to do things, the occasional occasion to wear the clothes and shoes that I buy online, an excuse to do my hair and makeup. But I want it only when I want it. I'm selfish, what's new. I really am going to try and be better with socializing, more open, more like "HEY I'M UP FOR STUFF, LIKE Y'KNOW, WHATEVER!" Just because I'd rather stay home and work doesn't mean I necessarily should - doesn't mean it's necessarily in my best interest to do so. Obviously you have to recognize the things you want to do aren't always the things you should do. Obviously I have to find a balance, blah blah, shouldn't be too hard. So that's one thing I've been thinking about I guess.

This coming week I'll be back in the swing of things again. Back in the Art Guide office, hurriedly finishing off works for my upcoming exhibition at Tcb (opens the evening of January 22nd!), maybe going to an opening or two. Back to normal. Settling into a New Year is always a bit strange because it feels weird to sit at an office desk after not sitting at one for like a month and because everyone is like 'on hiatus' and 'out of office auto reply' over the Christmas and New Year period it's weird to see everyone all together again or whatever.

Anyway I'll get back into the swing of it all soon I'm sure sure sure. In the meantime did you know there is a show on TV called American Stuffers, about these taxidermy dudes who stuff people's dead pets so they can put them on display in their homes? Cool.


  1. I love your work, Minna. and that show sounds crazy.

  2. Your work was incredible! by the way i feel the same way like you. it's hard for me to be more social. i always love to stay at home for blogging, writing, watching movies, and eating (obviously). i need to get out from this house and make more friends, seriously :(

  3. I definitely feel ya on the socialising front- usually I just go to stuff by myself and that's cool but I wish things were different but on my terms.
    Your stuff on Rookie has been absolutely killer lately <3