Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Drop by Drawing and other stuff

Above are some shots of the current (Jan/Feb) National Gallery of Victoria Magazine. I am lucky enough to be featured in their Studio section! It's an 8 page spread, which is legitimately overwhelming as I never thought there'd be enough to say about me over 8 pages without sending people to sleep, but turns out there is, and no sleeping, so I'm thrilled. The article is written by Georgia Jones, who is a brilliant writer and friend of mine. I truly couldn't have thought of anyone more suited to write this article about this time in my life and career. I desperately want to post it online so you guys can all read it, but I won't until the issue is no longer current because in the meantime y'all can go out and buy the magazine! (Okay, well you can go out and buy it if you live in Melbourne, because they sell them at the National Galleries.)

I'll give you a quote that was pulled out though "I'm a Nanna - I just want to go home, eat Nutri-Grain and watch TV" AMIRITE LADIES.

Drop by Drawing at the National Gallery went so well on Sunday. I really was so overwhelmed at the amount of people who came and participated, I couldn't have been happier. My family all came which was great, and after it was over my Dad was like totally in disbelief at how many people there were who were just there, happily participating and just chatting amongst themselves and he was like "they are the people who make the world go round, people who participate" you know. I totally agree! It was so heart warming to have so many people there, just to draw. I can't even stress how good it made me feel!

Also, it was such a diverse range of age groups, which I loved. There was an older Mother and Daughter couple and they just came together to draw, and the Mother used to be a fashion designer and they were lovely. There were a lot of beautiful Rookie readers, which I thought was so generous of them to come along and support me. I spoke to lots of people! And, finally, the best of all was that I got to wear one of those like Madonna headset microphones. Never thought I'd live to see the day.

Me with my cousins and my Madonna headset.
So many amazing people!
A picture from my Drop by Drawing session in The Age! :D
Again, one last thank you to everyone who came along. I hope I provided a reasonable amount of guidance while still letting you do your own thing! I was so inspired by all the contemporary interpretations of the 17th and 18th century paintings. Brilliant. If you have pictures of your work you should upload them to Instagram with the hashtag #dropbydrawing or #dropbydraw. I'd love to see!

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