Monday, December 2, 2013

Vale Martin Sharp

Today I woke up quite early, and found out via Instagram that Martin Sharp had died. I immediately looked across at the poster he made featuring Bob Dylan that I have hanging next to my bed, then over to my vinyl copy of Disraeli Gears that you may recall came into my life only a week ago, and I felt really sad. I've been a long-time fan of Martin's and this year was privileged to be included in an exhibition alongside his work. At the time Jon Campbell (who was also in the exhibition) and I discussed our longing to meet Martin in person, but at the time it wasn't possible for either me or Jon to make the flight to Sydney for the opening because of boring life commitments such as work etc...

Disappointed that I had potentially missed my last and only opportunity to meet Martin, I decided to try and find his email address so I could at least send a dorky fan note that let him know how relevant and inspiring his work and whole career has been to me. I started composing something that had a subject line that read 'Email from Minna Gilligan, fan of yours and fellow artist in Graceland‏' and it was totally ridiculous and embarrassing. I didn't send it. And now it's too late and not that he was short of fans or was desperate for my approval or whatever, but I just really wanted to let him know how much he made me believe that I can be both a 'fine artist' and 'commercial artist' and still be relevant in each field, and how his psychedelic work spun around in my mind as a teen and inspired my love affair with the '60s and '70s.

My work (left) and Martin Sharp's work (right) in the exhibition 'Graceland' at Damien Minton Gallery in Sydney.
Thank you Martin.

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