Friday, December 27, 2013

"Random Crap" The Christmas Edition

Christmas is over which now means the year is rapidly coming to a close, as in like, hours and minutes are passing by and we get closer and closer to both an end and a beginning. I'm looking forward to dedicating a night, perhaps even New Years Eve, (if I'm not persuaded/lured into a social engagement)  to being alone and reflecting on 2013. Each year I write down the good things that happened during the past 12 months, and then I write down a few goals and things I'd like to do in the next 12 months. It's satisfying and provides a good solid feeling of closure. I am looking forward to doing that and of course to that wonderfully cliched feeling of beginning again with a fresh slate.

Christmas Day we had everyone over at our house and it was stressful but a success. I finally relaxed after everyone had left, to be honest, and relaxed on Boxing Day - I slept until 1pm which is odd behavior for me but it felt pretty brilliant. I think next year I want to like, go to meditation classes or something, or learn how to meditate and actually do it often, because I think it would be really beneficial for me and my head space. That's something for the aforementioned list.

Today I went shopping with my little sister and it was pretty nice. I was going to go alone but I actually think it was nice to have the company of family because you don't have to like talk the whole time or be enthusiastic when you're not. I took her out to lunch at Jungle Juice and we bought shoes and stuff together. I don't often do things like that with my sisters and should probably do it more often you know like be a nice person and stuff.

This afternoon I worked at home on some paintings and drawings which I really enjoyed. You know when you have those moments and it's like, MAN I love art! Like I forgot or something. And I had these two little canvases that I was working on at the same time, and it's like, they started as the same white thing and then I have this power to transform them into things that are completely different. I love that you can't make two of the same painting even if you tried. It's so special.

Anywho I'm rambling rambling, here are some pictures.

Christmas morning "I woke up like this" (just joking)
I worked at Mum's shop on Christmas Eve and she had the most beautiful Dahlias.

My sister bought me these Kinki Gerlinki earrings for Christmas!
My Nanna is the best and bought me a light-up, glittery bouncy ball!
Dad got my Mum this amazing butterfly! Little cousin asks "how does it breathe?"
Card from my 7 year old twin cousins. HILARIOUS. Yes I 'accepted' the present, but had to confirm who 'Mum and Dad' were.
My two beautiful cousins doing a performance for us all in the front garden.

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