Monday, December 23, 2013

I love you like XO

I'm finally in a much more cheerful mood, and, dare I say it, I have a sliver of Christmas spirit. The other night I was working at home while watching the Lady Gaga and The Muppets Holiday Spectacular, and it was legitimately really good and made me smile and laugh. I have all of the old Muppet shows from the '70s on VHS and just love them. The best (well, my personal favourite) is when Linda Ronstadt sings Blue Bayou with the little frog muppets. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the more contemporary Gaga muppet show as I flip flop on Lady Gaga a bit, but this really was great and I do think she is a good performer. Watch her sing a duet with Kermit here, if that's your thing.

Hmm anyway, we're having Christmas at home this year, and all of my whole family are coming over. There will be about 25 of us for lunch and we've got a marquee outside and various other extravagant unnecessary additions to our regular home and garden. Because my Dad is a garden designer and my Mum is a florist they want everything to be beautiful and perfect and it will be, no matter the struggles undergone to get there! I'm looking forward to Christmas Day, when I'm sitting down and relaxing with everyone, and when I get to give my presents to my family.

Yesterday I went shopping with my Dad and little sister and bought so much stuff and went all over town. I really enjoyed myself actually, it's like tradition that I go super last minute Christmas shopping with my Dad because he's always so busy. It's the most fun going really last minute because there's a nice feeling of unity in the air or something. Around Christmas everyone seems to be at similar stages of their life and are really open and chatty. Lots of sales assistants spoke to me and my sister and were like "Are you sisters? You look so different!". One sales assistant was so distracted and chatty that she accidently charged us 35cents for a bra that was worth like $60. It was a small victory against the corporate man you know and a funny story.

Tomorrow I am helping my Mum at her shop because it's Christmas eve and she will be busy. Then back home to finish cleaning everything within an inch of its life before people come over the next day! All my buying and wrapping is done, and everything is waiting under the tree. I painted my nails gold glitter and am feeling rather festive.

The ultimate tape for gift wrapping
A quick studio stop in
Some of my wrapped presents!
A kool bag on Brunswick Street
Me this morning in my new shades from Opening Ceremony. How could I not buy!? 
So many tinsel at Arthur Dailys 
Me and my 60s LOVE badge :)
Jon Campbell tea-towel, a gift for a family member
What Soda thinks of Christmas
Also, I did a work for Nasty Gal that will be printed in their Hip Hop colouring book. I got to work on Missy Elliott! Here is an image of the work:

So fun! Also, this is like a 'Save the Date' for you if you live in Melbourne. I have been invited to run a Drop in Drawing workshop at the National Gallery of Victoria on the 5th of January from 2pm-4pm. We can draw together and chat, and, it's free! Put it in your diary if you have a diary. I will post more details soon!

Hope all your Christmases are merry.
Love Minna

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  1. i love all your wrapped presents- glad you're feeling a little better :)