Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday hello

Yay! Above is a work that I was commissioned to make for Asos - the online clothing company that I thought everyone had heard of until someone stopped me in the street last week to ask me where my Juju jelly shoes were from and I said Asos, and she looked at me puzzled, and then I spelled it, and she still looked at me, more puzzled, and I looked at her, intensely puzzled - as I didn't know if she was mishearing me or she really hadn't heard of Asos - so yeah just incase, it's like an online clothing company that sells their own label as well as a whole plethora of other labels.

They asked me to make the work for a campaign they are doing called 'Today Is' so each day is like a different thing - mine was 'Today Is Unwritten' and that's the general vibe that I had to make my work about. So yep, that's it. I like it actually, it's fun and happy. Right now my work is live on the Asos homepage - if you visit the site in the next 8 hours or so. If you live in Australia, you can view it by changing your country to the UK or the US in the top right corner of the window, but I should say it's not anything different from what you can see above, there's just the added novelty of being cropped weirdly but looking important on a fancy website.

I've had a great long weekend! Hung out with Louis yesterday, spent some time in the studio, and then had dinner with my friends from high school. Today I watched the Melbourne Cup and didn't do a whole lot, actually did nothing at all really, except wash Soda, so he's really clean and fluffy at the moment. Back to work tomorrow, and then an opening at Knight Street. It's going to be 28 and I can't wait! :D

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