Monday, November 18, 2013

Often as I may

I was at home painting and drawing today, and I really enjoyed it. I haven't picked up a paint brush in a fair while, and it felt really good to be working with it again, like catching up with an old friend after a long time. You forget how well you get along. "Why don't we see each other more often!?"

I've had a quiet weekend, except for a party on Friday night where everyone danced so hard that the floor of the living room literally caved in. Literally. It was fun and all my friends were there, but I do think that the older I get the further down 'partying' goes on my list of priorities. Often I feel that I would like to take time off from being social, like one would take time off from work. It's just the type or person that I am, I need to have pretty large amounts of my own space and my own time.

That said though, this Friday is the opening for Melbourne Now, the huge exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria of which I am a part of (a small part, but a part nonetheless! what do they say - "there are no small parts, only small actors", ha!) and I am pretty excited. During my 'quiet time' this weekend all I've really been thinking about is what I'm going to wear. I've decided to debut my sequined Romance was Born mushroom top as I've worn it before but only for photo shoots, photo shoots that have not come out yet, so it's still brand new technically *never before seen* not considering the million pictures I've posted and the million times I've talked about it here. The thing about being a blogger internet person is that things lose their shiny new gleam very quickly once you've put them on your Tumblr, Instagram, Blog, Pinterest and Twitter. Ya feel me? I think the mushroom top transcends that affliction though. I'm still working out what shoes and skirt to wear. I think I'll go with something simple.

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  1. first of all, love the paintings so much! the way you draw/paint is my favourite and it's kind of the style I envision myself trying out- abstract and colourful! I'm just getting back into painting as well, and I really like what you said about picking up a paintbrush and realizing it's more comfortable than you'd been expecting.

    and I know exactly what you mean about things kind of losing their lustre once you've posted it on your (for me) Tumblr *especially* and even anywhere online. but sometimes things transcend the affliction, and it's great for when you hang out with people who never go online ;)