Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nobody likes you when you're 23

Yesterday was my birthday and I am now 23 years old! I always get weird feelings with these milestones - birthdays, New Years Eve, stuff like that, because it marks the end of something while at the same time is the beginning of something else. Sometimes when something ends, there isn't always a beginning to follow, like a relationship, or the last bite of a great meal - you know they'll be others at some point but it's usually not expected to immediately follow. You get time to reflect between partners and meals you know. With birthdays and new years and stuff, you have no choice but to jump straight in. I'm mourning the loss of 22 but am already living 23. I digress now to a "milestone selfie" I took on my first morning of being 23.

Notice any remarkable change? wrinkles? I don't but who can be sure. I got to celebrate my birthday the evening before as it's my Dad's birthday the day before mine, so my family plus Louis went out for dinner and then went back home and ate some cake that my sister cooked. On the morning of my birthday I woke up and headed to work in the usual fashion except for some flowers from Mum and a few presents ;)

I was permitted to leave work a little early so that I could go out for lunch with Louis. He picked me up from work which was very gallant, and then we went to Gorski and Jones on Smith Street. It was fancy and lovely and I had a glass of wine with lunch and I felt really grown up. It was the perfect, relaxing and low maintenance way to celebrate.

Then, with the afternoon to myself I bought some new spray paint, the really good quality kind that is like $20 a can. I was determined also to buy myself some sort of garment as a birthday present for myself but didn't see anything that caught my eye. I love the idea of buying myself a birthday present, that also makes me feel grown up.

For old times sake I popped into Savers on my way home, just to see if there was any major birthday good fortune in the form of some incredible find, but no such luck. I didn't mind because I find browsing Savers just as satisfying when I find something than when I don't, because there's always the possibility, and if it doesn't come through on a particular occasion, there's always next time. I did find the below fabric, but it was so synthetic I'd never use it so settled for a photograph.

I had dinner with my Mum and my Nanna who came over to visit to say: "happy birthday!". She gave me a parcel of expensive Aesop products, which killed me because it would have been such a big deal for her to go in there and she wouldn't have known what to get and it is so expensive. It was so generous of her but you know when someone is so generous that you get like a small pang of guilt, or a pang of "God they truly did not need to do that" and saying: "thank you" doesn't really do justice to how you feel or something. My Nanna is renowned for giving 'useful' presents, and boy will I use this one. Oh my heart!

I had a good birthday. I'll be having another one in a years time presuming I don't collide with any misfortunes of fate, ha. They're weird but they're only a day a year so I can deal.

Also, just so you know, Annabelle got the prize for best birthday message:


  1. hey minna, happy birthday! (joyeux anniversaire in french!)
    i have to tell you something: i found your blog through rookie mag a (long) while ago. then, i moved to melbourne few months ago and looked at your blog again. it made much more sense to me while being in australia (and in melbourne)! For any reason, I had a strong connection to your blog while being here (shops, streets name, things you do, etc.) I almost wish I would see you on the street but it would totally be weird and such so I'm almost glad it did not happen ; ) I'm about to go back home (Canadaaaa) really soon but i had to tell you that i really enjoyed having a little peek through your life in Melbourne. Keep on doing whatever you feel like doing because it is great! I'm gonna have a look at your piece at the NGV next week so YEAAHH!