Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lonely for you only

If you follow me on the Insta you'll know that I have a feature in the latest Yen Magazine! I'm so thrilled with it. The image is by Brooke Holm and the article is by Lisa Marie Corso. You should pick up a copy at the newsagents to check it out! Other people featured include designer Alice Oher who I got to meet on the weekend (!) and the two girls behind the Witu bags!

Here's an outfit picture I haven't posted here yet. I love my new Romance was Born skirt from the Kawaii Hawaii collection! I bought the new flower power chain belt at Vintage Garage on Smith Street, and my top is Gorman as are my shoes.

Couldn't resist getting these new white clogs from Funkis, even though I totally do not need another pair of clogs let alone another pair of shoes. My socks are Gorman and my dress is a Verner sample!

Last night I went to the VCA Grad Show. I absolutely loved not being in the exhibition this time 'round, it was so relaxing just being a viewer and having a couple of beers. This time last year I graduated from Uni. I can't believe it. It equally feels like an eternity ago and just yesterday. Last night was a lovely warm night and lots of my buddies were there so I had a good time. I'm so thrilled with this warm weather and am loving not bringing jumpers and jackets with me wherever I go.

I liked these works at the Grad show among others:

Beautiful work by Natalie Turnbull above and beautiful work by Jessica Schoer below!

Today Louis and I got breakfast and then I went to buy some canvas and paints so I can get started on some work for my next show. I would truly love to have a vast, endless supply of every paint colour, every size brush and blank canvases in all shapes and sizes at my fingertips. I'm very immediate in the way that I work, and sort of dislike the preparatory period of gathering materials and surfaces to work on. I just want it all to be there so I can just paint or draw. Unfortunately a pretty major part of the 'work' as a whole is the preparatory stuff. Suck it up princess!

I bought some cheap canvas boards just to have some practices on and get back into the swing of it before beginning on a bigger work. This is what I made this afternoon - it's a bad quality iPhone picture but you get the idea!

My birthday is on Friday which is weird to me or something? All I want to do is like hang out with my Nanna and have a nice day doing stuff that I like with people I like ya know? I want happy times and  flowers and stuff for reminiscing on in like 10 years when I am old. But then I have this thing where I don't wanna make a fuss. So it's conflicting!

Blah blah blah! Work tomorrow so won't get to paint again until Saturday, maybe! I'll be busting to get started by then. Lastly, I saw this graffiti in a bathroom last night, I really liked it:

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  1. congrats on your feature...will it be on their website too?
    Also, all of your clothes here are fffffamazing, im coveting everything so much