Sunday, November 24, 2013

And the rest...

This is kind of a continuation of yesterday's post because I intended it to be way longer but was too tired to make that a reality. I definitely did want to blog about my favourite works in Melbourne Now, so here goes! This just covers the National Gallery in Federation Square. NGV on St Kilda Road soon! Also, please excuse my rather average photography, you'll just have to go in real life to see the works!

1. Tully Moore. Hands down, my favourite work.

2. Jess Johnson

3. Kate Smith

4. Paul Yore!

5. Zoe Croggon

6. 'Dreaming the Collection' by Sean Peoples and Veronica Kent. (this one is a little sneaky, because I'm in it!) Remember when I dressed up as a silver woman? This is the video! My voice is so husky and I look really greasy, but hey you know it's only up for three months in the NGV! haha) It really is a great work.

YAY ART. When I went back to look at everything properly on Saturday morning it was so incredible, because there were lots of people in the usually deserted and echoey galleries, looking curiously at all these works they've never seen before. It made me feel really happy and excited.

All I want to do right now is focus on my painting. I need to make some works for my show in January and I NEED to get started. Remember when I said I'd really like a holiday from socialising? (I think that was like 2 days ago or something ha) I still do! I think that maybe is why artists go on residencies and stuff, they get big blocks of time to dedicate solely to their art. I want that but I don't want to have to go anywhere because I make such big work and it's hard to transport you know. Blah blah blah. I hope to get some good work done over Christmas.

Today I went to the Design Files Open House with my Mum and sister for a quick sticky beak. I admire Lucy Feagins as a business woman and wanted to see how she converts her internet enterprise into a "IRL" enterprise. It all seemed very successful judging by the jostling amount of people there. I was so happy because I finally got to meet Beci Orpin and Alice Oher in person which was brilliant.

One last thing! My friend Max made me a pair of beautiful, hand painted earrings and I <3 p="" them.="">

They come in heaps of other colours. Mine are white enamel, gold and powder blue. Perfect with my outfit on Friday night! Contact Max for more details :)

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