Friday, October 25, 2013

Waiting a million years, just for us

PHEW as they say. Whatta week!

I'm still working full-time, now with just one week to go as a Dolly Parton working girl. I haven't minded it so much, I was in the office by myself this week and listened to a lot of music and was singing along a bit until I realised our neighbors could probably hear me. I think once you get used to it it's not so bad. Working full time that is, not my singing. That said though, these past two weeks I really haven't had any time to make art or anything really. Blah.

At the beginning of the week I had dinner at Georgie's new house with everybody. Ridiculous antics ensued. Everyone bought a plate of something or other and it was a delicious if not random meal. King prawns and quiche anyone? I felt so happy after that night because we hadn't all gotten together like that in a long time, and I hadn't laughed like that in a long time, and towards the end of the night we always reminisce about past art school experiences and crazy parties we hosted and it is very funny.

More work, more work, then last night was Painters and Rockers, which was a gig that I was playing at with Jon and Georgie in Pamela! The night is a product of the VCA painting department, where past and present students/teachers who are interested in/have some sort of musical talent, perform. We went a little early and met up with some people for a pub meal that was very average (don't eat at the Gasometer!) I bought this incredible jumpsuit to wear, and I was really excited about it, but it's slightly ill-fitting and made it hard to sit down/eat large quantities of food. Mum said I would look like Frankenstein on stage but I managed to loosen up. We were on at 9pm and it went really well, even though I couldn't really hear enough 'fold back' (is that what it's called!?) so I had no idea what I sounded like but meh. The beauty of Pamela is that you can sing out of tune and it doesn't really matter.

A lot of people came up to me after and said how sad they thought our song Art School was! It's funny, because I get that it's really melancholy and it feels like reminiscing and stuff, but I did write the lyrics from a happy place, reflecting positively on the time but not necessarily missing it. Ha. Anyway, I don't even know if I've posted the song on here, and I don't have any footage from last night, but here is some footage from when we played at Jon's opening in Sydney a few weeks ago! :D

Art School - PAMELA from Darren Knight Gallery on Vimeo.

What do you think? Happy song or kind of sad song? I guess it depends on how you feel about art school in general. ha. The best thing about last night, was after the acts had finished and someone decided it was a great idea to play M.I.A 'Bad Girls'. It was. The dance floor was EPIC and so refreshing to just go kind of crazy and jump around with lecturers and students and hangers-on alike (I'm a VCA hanger on, haha!) I just literally had the best time. I was so sweaty and my legs are KILLING today but it felt amazing. My new thing is to be like "Louis I'm lazy let's get a taxi home" so we hailed a cab and went back to Footscray, after we'd let everything out on the dance floor. BEST. Couldn't wait to get out of my jumpsuit though even if it had loosened up with all the 'gettin low'.

A great place near Georgie's house - check out Doc from Snow White as the focal point!
Ridiculous selfie in my outfit for last night! Didn't even mean to match my phone but HEY ;)
Oh, a stop in at Savers got me some manners and AMAZING fabric!
Parcel from Beci!
Wednesday night this week I came home to an amazing parcel (contents above) from Beci Orpin. She is an incredible practitioner and freelance business creative woman and really cool and NICE, she sent me her book and a great '60s bag and swap cards. So sweet and absolutely made my day coming home to this. Ray of sunshine! This is hurrr

Here is a little collaboration we did together in 2012 (I think!) for the True Self Exhibition!

Something else I got in the mail was some baby blue Juju jelly shoes! Yay! In a way, I feel like I am too old for these shoes. But, I like them, and they look too good with my new tights. So they stay. How's this for a combo?

Today on Rookie a series of collages that I made from photographs of my recent trip to Hanging Rock with Tavi and Brodie is up! Check it out here: And, below are my favourites. It seems like so long ago now!

Today ended on an amazing and overwhelming note, something crazy-good happened which I will write more about in the coming weeks. In the meantime I am intent on relaxing hardcore this weekend. TV, textas, bed, cereal. It's all a girl needs.

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  1. I saw your collage on Rookie and felt really reminiscent and happy about Tavi visiting Australia :)
    It's funny, I don't think your song sounds happy or sad- but maybe people are projecting their feelings about THEIR OWN art school experiences onto the lyrics and stuff? If that makes any sense <3