Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stumblin' in

I have not made a GIF in a million years. I used to have them in pretty much every blog post back in the day. I'm thinking about maybe doing some video stuff for my next show (as accompaniment with my paintings) but I'm not sure. It's something I love the idea of but you can't actually just randomly start doing it or something there has to be a reason to use that medium maybe. I'll have a think.

Such a quiet day today. I hung out at my Nanna's for a bit actually. Then we had a BBQ dinner outside because it was a nice day for once. Now I'm feeling a lot like my old self, my old-old self, making GIFs and listening to music on a Saturday night, thinking about life and stuff. I have not done this in ages and it's nice. It makes me miss like, going to a party on a Friday night at The Manor or a similar share house we would frequent, and then spending the rest of the weekend in my room at home thinking about people and life and again, listening to music and drawing dumb stuff and watching Woody Allen movies. I listened to a lot of Leonard Cohen back in those days too because I was romanticizing something that never came to fruition, as usual, but it was also perfect for the reflective badly poetic and sometimes melodramatic occasionally venturing on to actually sad times I was having back then. I think I did most of my growing up in my room, thinking and being alone listening to Leonard Cohen and getting all Woody Allen existential. I don't know if I'll ever have time like that to myself again in the same way. I was really young then in lots of ways.

This is a detail of an old painting of mine that I gave to my Nanna. She has it in her lounge room and it's hilarious because it doesn't suit the room at all but it has prime position. So sweet.
The amazing front porch of a house I take a detour to walk past on my way to work. It's SO fantastic, hanging baskets everywhere and odd knick knacks. The plastic dolls are freaky!
I cannot STOP listening to this song:

It's weird, because it's been one of those tunes that's come up like 3 times in the past few days - a song I've heard before but never really LISTENED to how good it was, and it came on the radio, then on the soundtrack to a movie I was watching, then on TV - and I was like dude there's something about that song it is like trying to make me pay attention plus I do love Suzi Quatro but don't associate her with that kind of soft '70s rock sound that this song has. I am obsessed and have been humming it all day. Great lyrics too.

I stumbled in to my entire time at art school and then that allowed me to stumble in to the entire rest of my life and now here I am. Foolishly layin' my heart on the table, stumblin' in.