Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sweet lovers love the Spring

Drawing I did this afternoon
Yesterday before the opening, thinking I was sending a snap chat but was actually taking a pic of myself
Beautiful magnolias this morning in Footscray. Look at the petals on the ground!
I had a really fun night last night. There was an opening at Knight Street and I finally got to have a long awaited and much needed 'dance it all out' session. While it was a gallery opening, Annabelle and I were wanting to dance to Miley so we decided to subtly begin an amazing d-floor in the loungeroom after the official opening hours had ended. While it was relatively short lived, it was enough for me and I felt amazing afterward. I didn't really get to dance that much at Tavi's party because I was like stressed and not feeling that well etc etc. Last night made up for that so it's awesome!

I think everyone was in a really good mood because of the change in weather - I legitimately feel like a new person, like I've rubbed my eyes and woken up. For some reason I was really hating on winter this year - I hate on it every year but particularly this year I just hated all my winter clothes and stockings and longed every day for it to be warm. My skin feels dull and dry from the heaters everywhere and I always had cold feet. We're probably not quite out of the woods yet, but I think we're well on the way to warmer weather. It's going to be a magnificent summer.

Yesterday afternoon I also went to another opening at Daine Singer - it was Jordan Marani's show and it was brilliant. I ended up going alone which for some reason is something I still get nervous about, going to an opening alone, because you don't know who will be there and you have to have awkward conversations with acquaintances and stuff. It went fine though and I ended up knowing people and not being alone for any time really. I have to force myself to do stuff like that occasionally because otherwise I'd never do anything. Like the other night was the Melbourne Writer's Festival artist's party and I didn't go. Literally no-one could come along with me and I knew that I wasn't going to know a single soul there so I didn't go. I regret not being that person who could just go regardless and make friends or whatever. Some people are really charismatic but I'm not. I can be charismatic with people I know but not with total strangers. I am kind of sad I didn't go to that party because it would probably be one of those things that if I did go I would have known someone or it magically would have worked out and I would have been glad I did. Oh well though, ya live ya learn and they'll always be more parties no?

Right now I should be doing work but I am not. I need to have this afternoon to chill out. The end of this week was really busy - working, writing a proposal to a deadline, last minute Rookie illustration emergencies! I need to answer some emails but I think I'll leave them till tomorrow... aw man. It's Father's Day and I'm going to have a nice dinner with my family tonight. Then I might put on Sister Act Two and fall asleep. Yep, this is really my life.

Drawing I did yesterday afternoon!


  1. the drawings you did today are lovely- it's good to see someone else in a good mood because of this weather :)

  2. your drawings are amazing - and god do I need a dance it all out session right now!x