Friday, September 13, 2013

Seems like everywhere I go I see you

Last night Louis and I saw Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen's new film. You know that thing that people say when something was really good - like "It was a TRIUMPH" or something, well that's what it was, I mean imagine me saying that and doing all my excited hand gesticulations and wide eyes to boot. I really mean it. And yes, I am your typical Woody Allen fan but this really was like something with his signature flourishes but I'd never seen it before. It was dark, and I could see remnants of Interiors, but it felt warmer to me. I was so invested in this film, in the characters - Cate Blanchett needs an Oscar or whatever those trophies are that Meryl Streep has, stat. The music is on point as usual which is what always sucks me in. I'll never listen to the song Blue Moon the same way again.

The other night I watched Lily Cole's Art Matters on SBS on Demand (which is my new favourite thing by the way, TV on my 'Ipad Mini') the episode I watched was on Christo - you know, the artist guy who wrapped stuff in fabric? I've always been a fan of his and his wife/creative partner Jeanne-Claude's work. I remember when I was 14 exactly and my Aunty was living in New York and she sent me pictures of the orange gates in Central Park and was raving about how beautiful they were. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before. Cue art school a good 4 years later and I became aware of Christo and Jeanne-Claude as 'artists' not just weird out of this world fantasy tales my Aunt sent from the States.

What interests me most about Christo is his relationship with Jeanne-Claude. They were born ON THE SAME DAY - June 13, 1935. How phenomenal is that? Then they met, fell in love and were not only married but were like artist life partners. All of their projects are a product of them both. I can't think (right now off the top of my head) of a romantic couple who have also worked together for the longevity that those two did. I mean Gilbert and George actually but there's not many okay. Right at the end of Art Matters Lily Cole mentioned Jeanne-Claude and Christo got sort of a lil quiet and was kind of like "I'm doing it for her" - like he's still endeavoring to carry out projects they dreamt up while they were still together. When they used to travel all over the world for their art, they would always take separate planes as they were very superstitious. If one plane went down in a fiery tragedy the surviving one was to continue their legacy. It's actually very good to have a backup for your practice. Imagine if there were two Picassos! Christo said stuff like "artists never retire, they just die" which is my favourite thing ever. The only thing that comes between you and your work is death. Oh boy I love that.

Now, tonight, I just finished watching the Beyonce documentary - something which seems like quite a contrast to the other two television endeavors of the past few days. It was good, and fun, and made you tear up at all the right moments. I admire Beyonce for being a business woman though, above all. She runs the world and whenever I see her doing her thang she makes me want to run it to. I think she has a similar affect on a large amount of people in the world.

I'm feeling pretty inspired right now cause of all this but I just can't keep my eyes open, 11.18pm is way past my bedtime. I wonder if Beyonce has a bedtime.

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  1. Oh my goodness I love Jeanne-Claude and Christo! They have a fantastical interview on them in nat geo (2006?). Their relationship is crazy, I love it.