Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Never gonna give you up

I'm feeling weird because I haven't done a painting in a while. Or at least I think that's why I'm feeling weird. I've been so busy with illustration/drawing stuff that I seriously haven't had time to start a painting. Boo. I go through phases where painting is the only thing I want to do, and the only thing I do do, and other phases where drawing seems to be number #1. I guess that's pretty normal and it depends what I have on my plate etc... HOW BORING IS THIS POST!

I'm really excited and nervous because I have like an *important* *interview* coming up where like a bunch of people and a photographer are coming to my house - my house at home with my parents. This is a big deal for me kind of metaphorically - I was talking to Louis today - because my family home and bedroom are my safe place. No-one from the 'art world' ever comes here, except Louis sometimes but that doesn't count. It's far away from everything and everyone I know, a place where I can breathe and think and wear stuff like the jumper I'm wearing right now that has like the shoulder almost entirely detached. This idea for the interview is exciting because it's like opening up a place I haven't before opened up, and it really has been (if you will) the *oracle* of like everything I've ever done, but it also makes me nervous because it's probably the realest part of me that there is, if that makes sense and doesn't make me sound like a spy or whatever. I'm looking forward to it because it's a really, really great and exciting thing, but I'm also nervous because this is like IT for me, ha, after this there's no more mystery or something! I'm half-joking there though about the mystery. I'm a blogger. There's no mystery anywhere! It's going to be great, I mean I think what I mean is that it will be a lil weird to have my worlds colliding, you know like in that Seinfeld episode where George freaks out because Susan his girlfriend is becoming friends with like Jerry and Elaine and he's like "WORLD'S ARE COLLIDING! GEORGE IS GETTING UPSET!" Ha ha.

Georgie Cleary from Alphaville sent me these Alpha60 sunglasses. They rule and today was the first day I got to wear them! The frames have this matte finish that is to die for! They've overtaken my el-cheapo cat eye Sportsgirl ones for the time being :)

I have work for the rest of the week, and an interesting weekend planned. Now I'm going to finish watching the Ai Wei Wei documentary and catch some ZZZs. Goodnight!

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