Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I used to go to art school

Today was a big day. I had some people over to my house from the NGV Magazine (can I say that? I sure hope so!) for an interview and photo shoot! I legitimately can't believe that people from the NGV were interested in my practice, and this acknowledgement is the biggest validation of myself as an artist that I've ever had. It was largely thanks to Georgia Jones, a friend of mine, who is as a writer for the NGV Magazine that is being redeveloped by a new editor to include more profiles, interviews and photo shoots of artists and their studios, which is fantastic and really exciting! I feel really lucky to have had this opportunity.

I was astounded that these important and intelligent people had written pages of notes and questions to ask and discuss with me. This is not false modesty - I just hadn't realised that people considered my blog and opinions and stuff as a really legitimate facet of my practice. They were so well researched and I can't believe I have had this opportunity to discuss my thoughts, ideas, and opinions for publication! We spoke for about an hour and a half, and I was all hoarse afterwards because I like never talk to anyone - but I really felt like it was the best interview I'd ever done, I was comfortable because I was in my own home, and the questions were perfect and I got to speak about everything from Woody Allen writing strong female characters like Annie Hall to my opinions on why I have an affinity with the '60s and '70s and everything everything EVERYTHING in between. It was such a fantastic experience for me and I'm so glad it's ended with me feeling excited and really positive.

The article and photos and stuff will be coming out in January of 2014. I will be sure to remind you when it's coming out, ha, so don't worry!

Other stuff that's going on - This weekend I'm going to Sydney with Pamela to perform at Jon's opening at Darren Knight Gallery. I'm really looking forward to it. I love our little getaways to Sydney, they're so fun - Georgie and I get to hang out and share a tiny hilarious hotel room together and eat junk food and laugh at stupid stuff. Woo hoo!

I've been working on lots of drawing stuff at home I guess, and also I gave myself a haircut the other day which I like. It's a fair bit shorter than what I've had lately but nothing too drastic. Here are some pictures from the past few days-ish. Oldest to newest ;)

Carnival folk in the process of setting up the Diamond Creek "Town Fair"
Good shoe and sock combo on my way to work
I cleaned my room for the NGV people and organized my junky knick knack stuff
Some of the girls at Knight Street bought these little fishes. This is them after we played poker on Sunday night
My 'clean' desk with flowers from Mum
Short hair don't care also just a side note I am wearing a top here but it is strapless okay
I actually have these funny pics from my phone too:

This is my dog Soda looking at me because he wanted some quiche. He jumped all over the NGV people so he was banished to outside.
Someone left like a retainer on the train and Louis and I had to sit next to it and then I got to play my favourite game which was like how much money would you have to be paid to wear this retainer for 15 minutes and I said $20,000 and Louis said 1 million
This is a funny picture because I went to Zara (?) because I saw this skirt in the window it is like gold leather and really cool and then I had to ask for my size and it took forever and they had one left and I lined up and tried it on and it was perfect and I really liked it but then I saw on the back the leather was like ripped in this place and I told the lady to see if she could find another one in my size but there was none left and then she said she couldn't sell me this one because it was damaged so I wasted like half an hour deliberating over this skirt and then I couldn't even buy it the end this is my life people.
Selfie after the interview today - thought I should document the moment. Look at the top I'm wearing (!) yay!
Okay I have to end on this because I'm obsessed with it. It's Solange's new single 'Lovers in the Parking Lot' - it's super catchy and the film clip is amazing she has like pink leather hot pants they are so cool!!! :D


  1. Your dog is the cutest thing, like a teddy bear dog <3 And congratulations on your interview, I've been reading your blog for wut 2 years now (eep long time!) and it's so lovely to see that you are getting the appreciation you deserve, hope that doesn't sound too cheesy or whatever! :))



  2. $20,000?!? I would do that for, like, $200 haha. But I have no hygiene standards whatsoever.
    It is super exciting about the NGV interview and I can't wait to read it. I am glad to hear they are changing it up a bit because I think the magazine was in need of some revitalising.
    I love all your photos as always, so much colour, aaaall the colour :) That top looks amazing, too.