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Illo about HAIR
Rookie Mag illo
I had a really interesting anonymous question on Tumblr that I thought was important to answer. I thought I would copy n paste it here:

Anonymous: Hi! I have a question. i love your artwork and, like you, i love the aesthetic of colorful, 60s psychedelia. I've never tried acid or any psychotic drugs though. i kinda want to, but i'm trying to stay away from drugs in general. i was just wondering, do you think a love of the psychedelic aesthetic is "complete" without doing drugs?? and, you're artwork is beautiful and seems like it could be seen often as druggy or trippy, so i'm just wondering what are your thoughts around drugs? thanks! xx

"Omg, this is a really interesting question. Thanks for asking it. Once in one of my tutorials at Uni some dude saw a picture of a mushroom in one of my collages and was immediately like “Oh, it’s all about drugs, taking drugs being on drugs you know, nothing more” and that reading was totally off and almost offensive in my mind for a number of reasons.

1. For people who actually know me in person, they know that I don’t really do drugs. I’m pretty straight down the line and am careful with substances because I have a number of like “mental heath issues” and stuff so prefer to remain as in control as I can of my mind. I drink alcohol moderately and that’s about it really.

2. So with the above point in mind you can see that someone dismissing my work as a drug fuelled romp is inaccurate. If I was on some sort of drug-fuelled romp I don’t think my work would actually exist because I’d be taking drugs not making my work. My point is that being ‘inspired’ as you say, by psychedelic and ’60s/’70s imagery doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be living it as well. For example, in the ’60s and ’70s the psychedelic aesthetic of like Jefferson Airplane and The Jimmy Hendrix Experience filtered down to those great retro, colourful, designs we see on mundane household items from the ’60s and ’70s like curtains and bedspreads and posters or whatever that are so indicative of the eras.

What began as drug fuelled imagery got watered down so much that inspired designs were soon getting printed on girl’s dresses and book folders and pencils and diarys and stuff. It wasn’t required that you take drugs to be a part of the experience in your own suburban way, if that makes sense.

3. With that said - of course, there were people in the ’60s/’70s who took drugs and partied at the Factory or whatever, just as there were people who didn’t take drugs and still enjoyed and participated in the aesthetic and listened to the music and stuff without taking part in the drug culture. The two don’t go hand in hand in my mind, which is why it’s okay, in my mind, for me and others to be making work inspired by, referencing and enjoying the psychedelia of the ’60s and ’70s without dabbling in drugs. So, in answer to your question, I do think that a love of the psychedelic aesthetic can be “complete” without doing drugs - if by complete you mean like, genuine or something - an aesthetic is just that, an aesthetic, not a way of living.

4. Finally, I’m not trying to sound preachy and like ‘Don’t do drugs” or anything. Drugs are a personal choice, provided you are making that choice in a responsible and intelligent way. If you “kinda” want to try drugs - think about why you do. If it is solely for the reason of making yourself feel more a part of the psychedelic aesthetic/dream or for the sake of nostalgia or a tribute to a time which you never actually lived - have a good think about if that is the right reason for you personally to do it.

Be safe and have fun! XX Minna"

I enjoyed answering that question because it's something that's been on my mind for a while and something that sometimes I'm forced to 'justify' to people or something. Anyway that's that! I would love to read your comments (I always do) and I really apologize for being so bad at reply to them! I am seriously going to get better at that.

* * *

Last night I went to a 'Political Party' which was fun. We didn't really watch the election results, just danced and stuff. I definitely don't party as hard as I used to. Dancing for an hour or so is enough for me at a party - then I'm all for going home to bed. I guess this is growing up? Here is a picture of my friends Jeremy and Madé dressed up last night - Jeremy is Margaret Thatcher and Madé is Julia Gillard.

This is a video that Georgie took of us dancing yay!

So good. I didn't dress up because I had a new dress I wanted to wear. I'm so so excited for all the Spring/Summer collections coming into stores. I literally have a list of items I want to buy and it's totally and utterly ridiculous. I wish someone would like, sponsor my wardrobe or something, (HA) and I don't think wardrobe sponsors even exist really.

Anywho. First on my list is Romance was Born's Mushroom Magic collection and every item in it. Particularly this top:

In all seriousness I have never seen a single thing I want more.

I don't know what else has been going on - I'm feeling really restless or something - I think I need a change like to chop all my hair off or dye it or like get a totally new wardrobe (Impossible again because of lack of wardrobe sponsor) I don't really know what I want and I don't really know how I feel or something. I've been busy - but I've been busy doing things I'm not sure I'm loving doing. I suppose I'm feeling a bit funny because I don't have like something "coming up". All year I've been looking and working towards big things - first my show at West Space, then my show at Daine Singer, then Tavi coming to Melbourne - and now, I'm just doing random freelance illustrations and a bit of drawing and just working for the now. I need my next big project or next big opportunity but I'm not sure that it will come for a while. That's okay I guess and I should get used to just living week to week and doing practical things. I dunno! Lackluster a bit at the moment I guess. What can I say I go through phases.

Blah blah blah here are some Insta pix from the last few days or somethin'

Footscray Savers
Studio windowsill
I was in the PICA Perth magazine thingy! This is a picture of me from the PICA Salon opening, standing in front of my work. Didn't know I'd be in here and was reading it over my cereal.
Alpha 60 socks and Opening Ceremony shoes
I had to unfortunately cut up an image that had this on the back!
Mmm I think that's all? :) till next time x

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  1. That mushroom top is absolutely magical :3

    And your answer about drugs and psychedelia was so so interesting and insightful! <3 I am pretty straight and square because of mental health stuff too. Yet, because I often draw colourful, quite pattern based things people have often made that assumption about my work too! Its quite silly really!

    Hope you're well and happy