Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What we see and what we seem are but a dream within a dream

Rainbows before the rock
At the top at golden hour
Before the climb eating giant Freddos
Finding Miranda

After pizza pic with van!
Me at the top of hanging rock, sunset, golden hour - taken by Tavi
Tavi and Brodie bein' spooky
Tavi and a view 
With the view again (it was a good one)
Brodie w/view in background 
Babes with love heart rock
Hanging Rock cake I made! 
Tavi with a wallaby! (ish)
Yesterday Brodie, Tavi and I went to Hanging Rock. Tavi flew into Melbourne yesterday and we picked her up from her hotel and went straight there! I was so excited to meet Tavi - she's been my beautiful boss lady for 2 years now and after a million e-exchanges it was about time! She is more wonderful in real life than imaginable - exciting, funny, chatty, happy and energetic. We all had a fantastic day. To be totally honest I am too tired to write anything of any significance right now - I woke up at 3am this morning because I am so hyper, then crash during the day! Silly.

Will get a good night's sleep tonight because tomorrow is going to be massive! Expect my usual reflective *profound* post after all of this is over! In the meantime I'm just going to enjoy myself.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Can't wait to see you at Rookie Day!

  2. I had the coolest time ever tonight, I saw you and you looked really groovy. Super duper excited for rookie day!!!!!

  3. Hey Minna! It was super cool to meet you today, and you were so so lovely (and I hope you don't mind me saying, but you are also extremely beautiful! Your skin is LUMINOUS. Anyway, sorry, getting off track there) and I am the girl who took a photo of you holding the rookie party bag, which I have uploaded onto my tumblr, so here is the link:

    Also, love this post! The valentine cake is the best haha :)

    1. OMG hey girl!!! You're so sweet! Thanks for remembering to show me the pic! I totally love it may even make my facey prof pic haha !! thanks for organizing a meet up and stuff and for the gift bag - sorry I didn't make it to this mornings festivities I was feeling a lil nervous about my talk - public speaking ain't really my thang! anyway all the best and I'll totally follow ur blawg xxx Minna

    2. I'm glad you like it even though I unintentionally cut off the top of you head hahaha whoops. Also, it was actually Bonny ( who organised the meet-up and made the gift bags, although wish I could take credit because she did an amazing job of both haha. You should come next time we have a melbourne Rookie meet-up!

  4. Agreed, Tavi is so wonderful and I really liked the speech you gave yesterday at Rookie Day. You inspired me to make art again, even if it's bad and I fail :)